Wednesday Link-Off: The Week That Is

kate-beckinsale-ama14-01I’m not sure that I’ve ever seen a single week in which so many major stories have broken or had developments. Between the grand jury and subsequent protests/riots in Ferguson, Jian Ghomeshi, Bill Cosby and the start of year-end lists, there is no shortage of interesting reads this week. It was a challenge to get it down to a manageable list for today’s links.

So let’s not waste any more time. Let’s start with Kate Beckinsale.

The Grand Jury hearing the case of Officer Darren Wilson, the man who shot Michael Brown in Ferguson, declined to indict the police officer. It’s hard to believe considering the inconsistencies in Wilson’s story. (Vox)

And Grand Juries not approving indictments, the Grand Jury is often termed a prosecutor’s playground. It’s exceedingly rare for a Grand Jury not to indict but Robert McCulloch managed to pull that off in the biggest case of his career. (FiveThirtyEight)

Rape culture and the discourse around sexual assault is something that society is coming along on but is a far way from getting right. There is still a lot of troubling stigma over sexual assault. (Rolling Stone)

Before the Ferguson riots, the biggest story of the week was US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel being fired from his post. Well, that’s assuming you believe, like most people, that he was pushed rather than jumped. (Vox)

Why did it take so long to hear about the accusations against Bill Cosby? David Carr says that the media, including himself, have been covering for him. (New York Times)

Speaking of which, covering for or just covering Cosby was a debate and brawl backstage at The View. (New York Daily News)

Jian Ghomeshi has settled his $55 million lawsuit against the CBC but hasn’t gotten much out of it. In fact, he owes the CBC $18,000 in legal fees. Paying legal fees means you didn’t win. (Toronto Star)

Now that Jian’s put that behind him, can he make a comeback? (Toronto Star)

If you watched the WWF in the early 90s, like me, you would remember Kamala. Like so many other wrestlers from the golden age, Kamala has fallen on hard times and has a heartbreaking story. (Bleacher Report)

Jeb Lund, AKA @Mobute, lists the 15 worst owners in sports. It takes a lot of willpower to limit such a list to only fifteen people. (Rolling Stone)

And the internet’s favourite angry writer, Drew Magary, looks at 2014’s least influential people. (GQ)

The Daily Mail says that the blokes of Top Gear, Jez, Dick and Jim, are worth a collective £55 million. That’s completely understandable when they helm one of the top three most valuable properties owned by the BBC. (Daily Mail)

What happens when a transport tries to jump a Formula One car? Fortunately, not squish.

Ever wonder where the ever so popular Spanish announce table spot in wrestling comes from? Bret Hart vs. Diesel from 1995 is often credited with that.


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