Sunday Link-Off: Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving

lauren-cohan-gq14-04Good news! It’s Thanksgiving weekend in Canada which means copious amounts of turkey. Bad news! We have to sit through the Yanks doing the same in a month-and-a-half. It’s probably a good thing to space out Thanksgiving and Christmas like us Canucks because 1) that means that you’re not freezing during Thanksgiving weekend and can actually go outside; and 2) there’s not a run on the turkeys all at once.

Anyway, since The Walking Dead is back this weekend, here’s Lauren Cohen. Has the show gotten any better since early Season Four? I kind of wish I abandoned it earlier than that.

Ebola is something that should be scaring governments worldwide. The number of people infected is doubling every three weeks right now and is showing no signs of slowing down. (Washington Post)

Two Nation editors interviewed Edward Snowden. The preview includes some interesting quotes already. (The Nation)

Paul Krugman was one of President Obama’s biggest critics at first. Now, he’s changed his tune and thinks that President Obama is a success. (Rolling Stone)

As we near the end of the Toronto mayoral campaign, is Doug Ford the right choice for Toronto? Well… (Hazlitt)

As a business school grad, I can’t disagree with PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel. He says that business school destroys creativity. (Business Week) I also agree with Paul Heyman when he says that experience is the enemy of creativity.

To find designs for their new currency, Norway opened up the process for submission. The result was money that’s cooler than Canada’s and that includes the rejects. (Gizmodo)

This weekend was the first in the history of time that the CBC wasn’t the lead broadcaster of the NHL in Canada on Saturday night. Interestingly, the CBC had an opportunity to keep the HNIC rights while splitting the rest of the package with someone else who had more money but the Harper appointed leadership blew their chance. The Conservative government then seized the opportunity to cripple the CBC even more but that’s a story for another day. (The Globe and Mail)

The NFL may be turning pink for October but they aren’t turning the pockets of any breast cancer fundraising groups green. None of their pink garb contributes to breast cancer research. (Vice Sports)

The Leafs stink so much that they’re deodoranting their ice. (Puck Daddy)

Colorado Avalanche beat writer and hockey blogosphere enemy Adrian Dater was suspended without pay for two weeks for inappropriate language and conduct. That probably put a smile on a few faces. (Deadspin)

Detroit Lions tight-end Joe Fauria is a big Pitch Perfect fan. No wonder why he’s such a popular player. It’s such an awesome movie. (Fox Sports)

A University of Georgia football player got suspended for being paid to sign autographs after a jilted memorabilia dealer ratted him out because the value of the goods signed for him dropped. (Deadspin)

Can you guess which sport has the oldest, whitest and richest fans? Okay, you can probably guess the first two without too much trouble. How about the richest? (The Atlantic)

People in the UK are crowdfunding to keep Nickelback from playing there ever again. If this works, everyone will copy that quite quickly. (The Wrap)

If you’re interested, NYT took a look at what kids around the world eat for breakfast. They probably wouldn’t be a fan of the toast or pop tarts I ate as a kid… Not that I’ve ever been particularly fond of breakfast. (New York Times)

Here’s a vintage WCW classic. Bobby Heenan breaks into an uncontrollable fit of laughter for a whole match at the thought that Hacksaw Jim Duggan has any semblance of intelligence.


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