Sunday Link-Off: Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving

lauren-cohan-gq14-04Good news! It’s Thanksgiving weekend in Canada which means copious amounts of turkey. Bad news! We have to sit through the Yanks doing the same in a month-and-a-half. It’s probably a good thing to space out Thanksgiving and Christmas like us Canucks because 1) that means that you’re not freezing during Thanksgiving weekend and can actually go outside; and 2) there’s not a run on the turkeys all at once.

Anyway, since The Walking Dead is back this weekend, here’s Lauren Cohen. Has the show gotten any better since early Season Four? I kind of wish I abandoned it earlier than that.

Ebola is something that should be scaring governments worldwide. The number of people infected is doubling every three weeks right now and is showing no signs of slowing down. (Washington Post)

Two Nation editors interviewed Edward Snowden. The preview includes some interesting quotes already. (The Nation)

Paul Krugman was one of President Obama’s biggest critics at first. Now, he’s changed his tune and thinks that President Obama is a success. (Rolling Stone)

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Sunday Link-Off: Should’ve Voted For Kodos

lauren-cohan-maxim13-06Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day in Canada. I have to admit that Thanksgiving is my favourite holiday. You have this great spread with comparatively few family visits. Sure, there’s still family visits but not as many as Christmas.

Even better, The Walking Dead is back today. Wait, I’m not sure that’s a good thing after last season’s finale. Oh well. At least the show still has Lauren Cohen on it.

A poll says that 40% of Americans say that the rollout of the Affordable Care Act’s health care marketplace hasn’t gone well. That same poll says that 7% of respondents attempted to use the marketplace. In other words, the media is creating the message. (Washington Post)

And while Obamacare is suffering a shaky rollout, the GOP have lost any opportunity to capitalize by continuing the lost cause that is the government shut down. (The Guardian)

An examination by The Economist shows that while politicians said that becoming protectionist would harm the global economy following the Great Recession, many went protectionist with their economies. (The Economist)

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Sunday Link-Off: Behind the Scenes

lauren-cohan-esquire13-03Well, I jinxed us when prepping the intro for this post. Originally, I said we got through the week intact when we almost didn’t. Anyhow, next week is our F1 preview week. We’ll have all the usual features and we’ll even throw in our Mass Effect 3 Citadel review for good measure. But first, we have the Sunday links. Since there’s a new episode of The Walking Dead tonight, here’s Lauren Cohen.

We all know that Disney came from seemingly nowhere to drop $4 billion to buy Lucasfilm  and everything Star Wars but do you know how the deal came together? (Businessweek)

Keeping with behind the scenes stories, here’s a look at CERN’s chase to find the Higgs boson. (New York Times)

Sports owners are well-known for crying poor. However, one owner has been proven to be a liar when crying poor. The Carolina Panthers aren’t a hard done by team. They made over $110 million over the last two years. (Deadspin)

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