Sunday Link-Off: Common Sense Revolution

hailey-clauson-guess14-02I don’t want to say that it’s been a boring week in the world of news but it’s kinda felt very much the same as the week before. Maybe our attention spans are getting slightly longer when it comes to big news. Then again, maybe there is nothing of note happening this week.

So with that happy thought in mind, it’s time for us to do the weekend links. Let’s start with Hailey Clauson.

The continuing attempts to portray Michael Brown as a thug may have run into a snag called “facts.” Unlike the latest right-wing assertion, he wasn’t a felon. (Think Progress)

The current crisis in the Middle East is a leftover of the 2003 Bush campaign against Saddam Hussein. However, President Obama has to treat this crisis differently than his predecessor if he has any hope of succeeding. (National Journal)

But just to show that I’m an equal opportunity windbag, here’s a [adjective redacted] saying that America is still the world’s freedom police. (Daily Telegraph)

Senator John McCain is still considered an important political figure in America despite the fact that he’s been consistently wrong about the Middle East over the last decade-plus. (The Atlantic)

There’s a class warfare in American and the rich have already won the lucrative battleground that is politics. (Vox)

The former governor of Virginia was convicted on 11 counts of public corruption. And who says that the romance of politics is dead. (Washington Post)

You know, I get a lot of weird looks from friends and family for not thinking that Tim Horton’s is not the be all and end all of Canadiana. That honour goes to Randy Ferbey’s curling team (but only when he has the mustache). But I’m not alone in my belief. Scott Feschuk dishes out the hard truth about the “Canadian institution” that is Timmy’s. (MacLean’s)

The CRTC is looking at changes to specialty channels that could harm some of the smaller ones. I hope TSN 8: The Ocho is safe. (CBC)

Such flight. Many airfare. CheapAir is now accepting Dogecoin, my preferred cryptocurrency. Wow. (Forbes)

FXX might have spent a billion dollars on The Simpsons but the big marathon was also worth a 500% viewership increase. (SplitSider)

How much are wrestling fans willing to spend on autographed merchandise of the WWE Divas’ Champion? Far too much. (Wrestling on Earth)

Some people are just looking to get offending over anything that they think could be remotely offensive. Just look at the moronic uproar over the latest Spider-Woman variant cover.


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