Entertainment Link-Off: Newsbeat

Hello folks. I don’t want to cause a panic but I’ve drawn in for Jackie this week. He’s off to the Melbourne International Film Festival this weekend. Hopefully he has a few reviews and quick thoughts on some of the movies he sees this weekend. As we know from his 2013 Brisbane International Film Festival coverage, he certainly gets his money worth at these festivals.

So it’s time for this week’s best links from the worlds of entertainment and pop culture. We have more about the death of Robin Williams, the juxtaposition of a new release and the protests in Ferguson, and more TV and movie news.

First, since The Expendables 3 premieres this weekend, here’s new star Ronda Rousey. Hopefully we eventually get her female Expendables movie.

We lead off with some Robin Williams related links. Comedian Jim Norton talks about depression in the comedy world and why the funniest people are also sometimes the saddest. (Time)

I ran this link on Wednesday but it bears repeating. The Academy’s tweet about Robin Williams sent the wrong message. (The Independent)

Twitter is reviewing its policy regarding harassment on the social media website after Zelda Williams was bombarded after her father’s death. (CNN)

Let’s Be Cops is a terrible movie and it couldn’t be coming out at a worse time. (Grantland)

Sony is digitally altering parts of The Interview but it has nothing to do with threats from Kim Jong-un. (Rope of Silicon)

Martin Lawrence says Bad Boys 3 is happening. That’s good because I was worried about his and Will Smith’s careers. (Screen Rant)

David Lynch’s Duran Duran concert film (AWESOMEBALLS!) will be released for one night only in September. (Flavorwire)

Amazon revealed five pilots that they made for Prime Video. (The Wrap)

Speaking of TV, here are the most controversial TV episodes of all-time. (Guyism)

And controversial is the territory The Walking Dead might be heading into. Robert Kirkman hinted that Daryl Dixon might be gay. The most macho man on the show and the overwhelming fan favourite being gay would be an absolute game changer for pop culture and society would be better for it. I’d start watching again to support that creative decision. (Uproxx)

Michael Cera released an album because of course he did. (The Guardian)

The Teen Choice Awards were last weekend. Here’s everything you need to know about it. (Pajiba)

Mike Schur, the man behind Parks & Rec and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, made a cameo on The OC in 2007. (Warming Glow)

Doctor Who is back next week. I’ll have a review posted shortly afterwards on the blog (first run on et geekera [shameless plug]). For now, Steven Moffat saw this fan-made intro sequence and hired the man behind it to do the actual intro for the show this season. Expect something like this next Saturday.


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