The 25 Latest Reasons to Love Canada

Here at The Lowdown Blog, we love our country. Not only that but we love the women of Canada. I might be a bit biased but I think that Canadian women are the greatest in the world. Since I know the Yanks will be promoting their finest on Independence Day, to celebrate Canada Day here’s another look at 25 of the hottest Canadian women. Happy Canada Day!

A.J. Cook


Anna Silk

anna-silk-01 anna-silk-04

Angela Fong


Bianca Beauchamp

bianca-beauchamp-01 bianca-beauchamp-02

Carly Rae Jepsen


Ellen Wong

ellen-wong-02 ellen-wong-06

Erin English

erin-english-06 erin-english-04

Jennah Anderson

jennah-anderson-02 jennah-anderson-07

Jud Tylor

jud-tylor-01 jud-tylor-05

Kate Kelton

kate-kelton-haven12-01SONY DSC

Katharine Isabelle

katharine-isabelle-01 katharine-isabelle-08

Keshia Chante


Kimiko Zakreski

kimiko-zakreski-01 kimiko-zakreski-03

Lexa Doig

lexa-doig-01 lexa-doig-05

Lindy Booth

lindy-booth-08 lindy-booth-09

Marie Avgeropoulos


Meghan Ory

meghan-ory-02 meghan-ory-01

Michelle Pieroway

michelle-pieroway-06 michelle-pieroway-01

Mina Stefan

mina-stefan-09 mina-stefan-08

Tacquira LaTouche

tacquira-latouche-04 tacquira-latouche-01

Tanya Memme

tanya-memme-08 tanya-memme-04

Tasha Wall

tasha-wall-01 tasha-wall-08

Tatiana Maslany

tatiana-maslany-01 tatiana-maslany-05

Tracy Spiridakos


Vanessa Morgan


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