F1 Power Rankings: British Grand Prix

After a trip to Austria for the return of Red Bull’s home Grand Prix, is it time for someone to spoil the home festivities in Britain? The British Grand Prix is the home race for the vast majority of teams with all but three having a factory in England near Silverstone.

Will the likes of Ferrari, Sauber or Toro Rosso spoil the party? Probably not but does that mean that a British driver will join a British team on the top step of the podium? Well, there’s one man who the Power Rankings says has a good chance.

f1-lewis-hamilton-helmet-2014#1 Lewis Hamilton (Last Race #1)
Old Lewis doesn’t sound too bitter about the last race, does he? “It was great to get another one-two finish for the team in Austria and I’m so proud of all the hard work everyone is putting in to keep us at the front this season. Of course, it wasn’t the result I wanted personally and it was disappointing not to be able to capitalise on my pace when it was clearly there. But in the end, coming back to second place was positive in terms of damage limitation.”

f1-nico-rosberg-helmet-2014#2 Nico Rosberg (LR #2)
You’re going to read quotes like this one a few times during this post: “So I enjoy going to Silverstone personally, but really this one is all about the team. For the hundreds of people at Brackley and Brixworth it’s a home race and many of them will be there with their families and friends across the weekend. I want to put on a good show and get the best result possible out of it for them after all their hard work this season.”

#3 Daniel Ricciardo (LR #3)
Danny Boy’s quotage this week is great. Just great: “Silverstone is great. It’s just a great, great racing circuit. It’s fast, it’s flowing and you really get to rag your car for all it’s worth. There’s nowhere better at letting you know how very, very good an F1 car is than Silverstone, and in particular through that ultra-fast Maggots-Becketts-Chapel complex.”

#4 Fernando Alonso (LR #5)

f1-valtteri-helmet-helmet-2014#5 Valtteri Bottas (LR #7)
Coming off his first podium, Val picks up his first Generic PR Quotage of the Week award: “It’s always a great event and means a lot to us as it’s the team’s home Grand Prix, so hopefully some of the guys from the factory can come up and support us as well. We are hoping for a good result again, but will have to wait and see how the track suits us. We are aiming to be strong and to build on the momentum we have coming from Austria.”

#6 Nico Hulkenberg (LR #6)
The Hulk ducks a question about tyre compounds to talk about speed instead. I like the question he made up to answer more: “All of the drivers enjoy the quick parts of the lap and you have to be committed. When you hook up all the corners in one lap it’s a great feeling. It’s difficult to know how the harder compounds will impact us, but I hope I can continue my run of points.”

#7 Sebastian Vettel (LR #4)
It’s back-to-back-to-back home races for Seb over this three race stretch: “It’s a busy time right now, we had Red Bull’s home race in Austria, the Team’s local event here and then we go to my home race in Germany! This race has an extra element as it’s so close to the factory and a lot of the staff who work so hard on the car will be watching from the grandstands with their families – I hope we can get a good result for them.”

#8 Sergio Perez (LR #8)
Checo talks about how the team’s approach is leading to improved results: “The approach we take is to think about how we can be competitive over a 70 lap race. In the last few events I’ve done really well, apart from Monaco, where we didn’t have the opportunity. We’re getting there, but it’s just unfortunate that we’ve been unlucky. In Montreal, for example, we were close to winning the race. I’m sure we can get some good results in the second half of the season.”

f1-felipe-massa-helmet-2014#9 Felipe Massa (LR #13)
With so many GPs on the schedule now, longevity milestones will be less important and records destroyed more frequently. But for now, it’s Phil’s 200th GP this weekend: “Silverstone will be a special race, not just because it is the team’s home race, but also because I shall celebrate my 200th Grand Prix. British fans are passionate about Formula One and it will be great to see the support for the team.”

#10 Kimi Raikkonen (LR #10)

#11 Romain Grosjean (LR #12)

f1-kevin-magnussen-helmet-2014#12 Kevin Magnussen (LR #11)
Jan’s kid wants to do well this weekend but it setting his expectations low. That’s a bit of a downer for the factory workers who want to attend the race: “For me, this race weekend will be a particularly important one because it’s the team’s home race – there’s an added pressure to do well in front of your home fans, and the families of many of the people who’ve worked so hard to put our cars on the grid. I know that this race won’t be best suited to our package, but I nevertheless hope we can repay some of their hard work this weekend.”

f1-jenson-button-helmet-2014#13 Jenson Button (LR #9)
Jenson is equally as pessimistic about Silverstone: “The fast corners of the grand prix circuit aren’t necessarily going to suit our package, but we’re bringing improvements to the car all the time, and we’re now seeing some really positive correlation between the tunnel and the track, which is encouraging for our ongoing development programme.”

#14 Daniil Kvyat (LR #15)

#15 Jean-Eric Vergne (LR #14)

#16 Pastor Maldonado (LR #18)

#17 Adrian Sutil (LR #16)
I know I said that Bottas had the most generic quotage but Sutil still holds the season lead: “I like the Silverstone track. Many fast corners demand high aerodymic requirements on the car, and a good downforce in order to be fast. It will be interesting to see how we perform there.”

#18 Esteban Gutierrez (LR #17)
Like the Macca boys, Steve isn’t feeling too good about this weekend: “With its fast corners, the track in Silverstone is nice to drive. In terms of the performance, we are quite limited at the moment. I hope the updates will help us to improve the driveability and the overall performance of the car to a certain extent. However, the weather there is tricky, which can provide some opportunities for us.”

#19 Jules Bianchi (LR #19)
Jules, you said the car performs best at fast circuits. So why are your only points from Monaco? “I think this will be a very exciting weekend for the Team as we will be racing not only in front of the British fans but also many of the staff from the factory, as well as their friends and families. Of course, this brings a certain pressure, but the car performs well at a high speed circuit like this so I’m sure we can have a good race and achieve a nice reward for the Team.”

f1-kamui-kobayashi-helmet-2014#20 Kamui Kobayashi (LR #20)
New owners or not, Kobayashi Maru’s focus is on forward movement: “We’ve had a chance to look in much more detail at the data from Austria and know where we need to go to cut the gap even more and that’s the goal. With the improved reliability we had at the last race, and the nature of the Silverstone circuit, I think it could be a good weekend for us.”

#21 Max Chilton (LR #21)
The quotes are much more interesting Tilke-dromes than for home races. I never thought I’d be asking for a Tilke-drome race but here we are: “It’s a fantastic occasion, made all the more special this year by the 50th anniversary celebrations, which I’m sure will be amazing. It’s always a special feeling to race in front of the wider Team and of course the British fans, who are so passionate and create that incredible sea of Union Jacks in the grandstands. I can’t wait for the weekend.”

f1-marcus-ericsson-helmet-2014#22 Marcus Ericsson (LR #22)
And Marcus closes out this week’s power rankings with a history lesson: ” I understand it’s the 50th anniversary of the race this year and there’s obviously so much history about the place – honestly it’ll be an honour to race there in its 50th year and I’m sure it’ll be a special weekend for everyone taking part.”


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