Sunday Link-Off: Crafting a Response

camille-rowe-victoriassecret14-93So Canada Day is on Tuesday and I realized that I’m well behind on the usual Canada Day content that I put on the blog. I think that I might push it back to the weekend so I have enough time to prep it. Once July rolls around, I might actually have time to start writing again. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Anyway, I still have some links for you to enjoy today. Let’s start with Camille Rowe.

While many world leaders led an outcry over the persecution of Al Jazeera journalists in Egypt, Stephen Harper and the Canadian government were quiet and overly politically correct given the circumstances. (Toronto Star)

Speaking of Prime Minister Harper, the folks at Shit Harper Did are doing their own parody Economic Action Plan ads from Should’ve bought that Stevie. (Shit Harper Did)

How outlandish is Fox News getting? They’re suggesting that President Obama’s focus on climate change is tantamount to treason. What is wrong with these people? (Mediaite)

In case you ever wondered about men from other countries, prostitutes in Brazil talk about the habits and personalities of soccer fans visiting the country for the World Cup. (Vice)

In other World Cup news, which country’s team is the worst flopping team in Brazil right now and who is the most honourable? (Wall Street Journal)

Professional Leafs PR man and Sun Media columnist Steve Simmons did battle with leading hockey analytics blogger Tyler Dellow. Dellow won handily. (Puck Daddy)

The Moneyball philosophy turned the As into contenders but they faded as everyone copied their blueprint. They’ve since come up with a new formula that has resulted in renewed success. (New York Magazine)

With ESPN leaving the NASCAR game at the end of the year, they keep spending less and less money on the sport. They’ve now cancelled their daily NASCAR news show before their 2014 Sprint Cup package starts. (Sports Business News)

Time Inc. might be having a little financial trouble but they’re still trying new ways to claw back into the game. Now, they’re launching 120 Sports, a digital network that runs 120-second sports highlight packages. (New York Times)

It’s the return of the Virgil Bag. This time, it’s a weekend with Virgil at WrestleMania XXX. (Deadspin)

Nate Silver’s site is looking at food again. This time, it’s a World Cup of Food. (FiveThirtyEight)

You may not know the name Molly Bloom but you know the names of some of the celebrities and billionaires who crossed her path when she ran a secret high-stakes poker game in Hollywood. (Vanity Fair)

What happens when you watch all three Transformers movies simultaneously? You realize that Michael Bay is an incredibly lazy filmmaker.

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