Wednesday Link-Off: Gone but Not Forgotten

Even though the 2014 Sochi LOLympics are gone, I’m not done reinforcing the fact that they’re an absolutely farce. However, since there are other things happening in the world, it’s not a solely LOLympic edition of the Wednesday links.

So let’s get this show on the road by starting with likely SI Swimsuit rookie of the year Samantha Hoopes.

A Duke University freshman became a porn actress to help her pay tuition. She learned some things about herself and society in doing so. (XO Jane)

Arizona’s Republican Governor says that she will veto the state’s anti-gay bill. Granted, she cites economic reasons for planning to veto but it’s still a win for people who aren’t assholes. (Business Insider)

Bonnie Ford examines the dichotomy of these LOLympics. Everything was fine on the surface but terrible when you looked away from sports. (espnW)

Charlotte Observer reporter and ESPN Radio Charlotte personality Brittney Cason tells the story of how her Olympic media work almost ended by nearly becoming a victim of human trafficking. (XO Jane)

The Sochi LOLympic organizing committee built an amusement park for the Olympics. The only problem was that, like so many non-sporting venues, wasn’t completed in time for the games. Another $51 billion Sochi fail. (USA Today)

And it’s not just the folks in Sochi who do wrong by the Olympics. NBC’s coverage of the Olympics tend to skew towards covering the men and leaving the women as a bit of an afterthought. The word “sexist” gets thrown out in this article. I’ll leave you to judge. (The Atlantic)

Is the UFC the future of fighting or, as Tim Marchman contends, a jumped up pro wrestling-esque promotion? (Deadspin)

Speaking of pro wrestling, the WWE Network launched this week. It was a shaky launch because demand outstripped what MLB Advanced Media could handle. And they were brought in to handle high demand. Wrestling may not be as popular as it was in the 80s but it certainly isn’t dead. (Digital Spy)

And you thought political campaigns were terrible. Hollywood big wigs do anything they can to undermine the Oscar efforts of leading films in smear campaigns. (The Daily Beast)

Piers Morgan’s show is getting cancelled. I don’t hear anyone complaining. Well, apart from the gun safety advocates who tolerate him on the occasion that he jumps on that bandwagon for ratings. (New York Times)

If you love Taco Bell when you’re drunk late at night, you’ll love Taco Bell’s new breakfast menu when you’re… still drunk the next morning? (Eater)

Mixmaster Mayor Rob Ford drops some sick beats… Or whatever the kids say about DJs these days.

And professional clown Mayor Rob Ford celebrated Canadian men’s hockey gold by running nuts first into a fire hydrant. This man… This man… There is no succinct way to describe him.


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