Wednesday Link-Off: Almost Time to Go Home

So with the SI Swimsuit Issue out yesterday, I’ve been wondering if I can say that I was right. I did predict a group cover, even if I called it an “All-Star Cover.” I think I should get double points because I had Kate Upton ranked second on the list and she was on the back cover.

However, today’s set of links isn’t going to feature any of the Swimsuit cover girls. Let’s start this off with the living legend Heidi Klum.

Russia isn’t the only place the world that hates gays. The Kansas government has created a law that allows business owners to discriminate based on sexual orientation. Not only is the law terrible but their reasoning is too. (The Dish)

Just because I’m boycotting the Sochi LOLympics doesn’t mean that others are. Some folks are tripping over themselves to praise these Olympics and Vlad Putin. (Toronto Star)

An Italian transgender former-MP was arrested for protesting that it was okay to be gay at the LOLympics. It is okay to be gay. Just not in Russia (or Kansas). (The Daily Beast)

In honour of Presidents’ Day, Politico asked leading historians how Barack Obama stacks up in the annals of history. (Politico)

Donald Trump has spent the last 20+ years seemingly mulling over a Presidential bid. All his “campaigning” does is drum up more hype around the Trump brand without having to pay a cent. Here’s a look inside the Trump campaign machine. (BuzzFeed)

The Donald was so happy with the story that he turfed the political aide that set up the piece. That’s what he gets for letting The Donald make himself look bad. (The Wire)

The 1% is worried about class warfare and their extinction. They really should be considering that the way things are going, it’s the middle class that will disappear first. (The Guardian)

A new study says that internet trolls are terrible people. Not that we needed a study to know that. (Slate)

Back to the LOLympics for a moment. I like a good conspiracy theory as much as the next person. After all, I did bring you the L’Equipe report about the US and Russia conspiring to fix the Team Figure Skating and Ice Dancing events. However, a LOL worthy LOLympic column by Rosie DiManno makes me regret even acknowledging the report’s existence. (Deadspin)

And if you think that the LOLympics are bad, wait until you see what’s happening in Qatar during preparations for the 2022 World Cup. (The Guardian)

Michael Sam was given a standing ovation at a Mizzou basketball game after coming out as gay last week. Students went so far as a make a human wall to keep protesters from a local church away from him and the game. (Black Sports Online)

While Sports Illustrated got anonymous NFL executives to say homophobic things to make the Michael Sam story about SI, ESPN did a survey that showed that NFL players are supportive of gay players. (ESPN)

I don’t know why Jamaicans are dry humping at nightclubs but here it is being called by Jim Ross. It’s probably NSFW.

Speaking of wrestling, IWGP champion Kazuchika Okada’s entrance at a recent New Japan is the greatest thing in the history of the earth.

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