Sunday Link-Off: Sports Night

cris-urena-victoriassecret14-08Good news! Barrett-Jackson is back this week which means we’ll have another Best of Barrett-Jackson post for you soon. We’ll also have a game review at the end of the week along with the other usual features.

Speaking of usual features, today is Sunday so it’s time for the links. Let’s start with Cris Urena.

A biography of Fox News chairman Roger Ailes isn’t looking too good for Roger. I guess that’s what happens when you’re on the receiving end of fair and balanced reporting. (New York Times)

With the Washington Post’s Ezra Klien looking to strike out on his own, is journalism less about the news and more about the person reporting it now? (The Guardian)

Dan Le Batard was the one who gave his baseball hall of fame vote over to the users of Deadspin. He did it for the right reasons. (Deadspin)

The 2022 World Cup in Qatar is all but set to be moved to November and December. No one seems thrilled about this apart from FIFA and Qatar. (The Big Lead)

The WWE finally announced the WWE Network just week’s after the UFC announced their own digital offering. And it looks like the Fed has trumped them massively. (Bloody Elbow)

If you want to know more about the WWE Network, what it will be showing and a bit more about the technical underpinnings, I have a link for that too. (Sports Business Daily)

Bar Rescue’s Jon Taffer explains how he helped create NFL Sunday Ticket. (Fox Sports)

Despite being a year removed from a lockout, the NHL’s future is looking brighter than ever. (Gelf Magazine)

It’s not just the TV but the live attendance that’s looking good for the NHL. Fifteen NHL arenas are operating at or above capacity every game. The NBA only has 8. (Puck Daddy)

Have I talked much about the Team Canada Olympic hockey team yet? Because I’m not a fan of the Kunitz pick and think there are better alternatives to JayBo. Dellow thinks the same way but actually has numbers and facts to back him up. (Sportsnet)

The Esquire Network is soon to debut Friday Night Tykes. The NFL is a little concerned about what it might show. (LA Times)

It was unbearably cold in Northern Ontario at the start of the week. A warm day had the windchill break -30° C. Los Angeles had is worse. The high there was only +10° C. How awful… (The Wrap)

Uproxx has a list of viral videos that represent the various states. (Uproxx)

Back to Le Batard. Keith Olbermann has a good take on why Dan should be commended, rather than vilified, for crowdsourcing his vote from Deadspin.


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