Weekend Geek Links of the Week

The hacker who reopened the Steubenville rape case could face a prison term that’s up to five times longer than the rapists. The law doesn’t always equal justice. [HackRead]

Last weekend, Mega boss Kim Dotcom was the subject of two very different profiles by 60 Minutes and Vice. Interestingly contrasting views of the man. [Warming Glow]

Mashable just raised $13 million to fund an expansion effort. Anybody want to give et geekera even 1% of that to hire some writers, produce more content, move off of WP.com, make the site look better and turn this into a cutting edge operation? No? Just thought I’d ask. [CNN Money]

Apparently a recent episode of Agents of SHIELD quietly incorporated a piece of Mass Effect 3 concept art. Who knew? [Eurogamer]

Which actor is the deadliest in Hollywood? Not as in who has killed the most careers but who has killed the most people on-screen. [Randal S. Olson]

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