Entertainment Link-Off: Go Big or Go Extinct

rinko kikuchi pacific rimApparently it’s neck and neck at the box office this weekend with either big names or big robots drawing people into theatres. Seriously though, why would you pass up an opportunity to watch Pacific Rim where giant robots duke it with giant alien monsters to watch Adam Sandler in his critically panned Grown Ups 2? Plus, it features Rinko Kikuchi for your viewing pleasure as well! 

After the jump, Sharknado is a social media hit… not so much on Syfy, some more Pacific Rim related links, Disney has another big dud on its hands, Summer Glau joins CW’s Arrow and find out what really happens during the Universal Studios opening sequence. 

Take that Game of Thrones! Making a campy disaster movie called Sharknado has generated more tweets than Red Wedding! Funny enough, those tweets didn’t translate to eyeballs in front of the TV screen. The public might have figured they didn’t want their brain cells to die after watching such an incredibad flick. (THR)

Speaking of Sharknado, we have to wonder, what is going in the writer’s mind as the development process of this movie was taking place? (io9)

Apparently the iron throne in Game of Thrones is nothing compared to what George. R. R. Martin has envisioned it to be… (Buzzfeed)

Well there was a proposed boycott of the film Ender’s Game due to the fact that author Orson Scott Card has a very public anti-gay view. It’s been an absolute PR nightmare for Lionsgate; therefore the company will host a fundraising screening of the film for LGBT causes. (Deadline)

According to Edgar Wright, the Ant-Man script is complete! (Digital Spy)

Early buzz for The World’s End is indicating it’s a sweet finale to the Cornetto trilogy. (Slashfilm)

The geek grammar of Pacific Rim. (Tor.com)

Check out the slick Pacific Rim poster by Yoji Shinkawa. (Geek Art)

Five ways Pacific Rim succeeded where other summer blockbusters of 2013 have failed. (Slashfilm)

The 10 best giant robot movies. (Movies.com)

As if we needed a remake of the Korean film Oldboy (which was awesomely violent and twisted), but Spike Lee has pumped one out. On the bright side, at least he’s now shying away from what made the original so good. Take a look at the red band trailer. (Yahoo)

Ever get that feeling where a film takes bits and pieces of other films and mash it all together? Ya? Well Jeff Bridges’ latest in The Seventh Son seems to echo that feeling. (Apple)

Looks like Hiccup has a new trick up his sleeve in the new trailer for How to Train Your Dragon 2! (Empire)

The Lone Ranger could be a $150 million write-off for Disney. (The Hollywood Reporter)

While it’s not official, Arrested Development might be coming back for a fifth season… if things go well at Netflix and all the cast members are free to return. (Bloomberg News)

At least Joss Whedon says there will be a slow reveal on how Agent Coulson managed to return to the Marvel universe for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Entertainment Weekly)

More reasons to watch Arrow next season. Summer Glau is joining the cast! (TV Line)

A nice little piece on Youtuber Gerald Ko, who just happens to be a pharmacist by day and a ‘singing dork’ by night. Check out his channel, the dude has a great voice. (Inheritance)

What really happens during the Universal opening intro at the movies.

Get excited, another season of VGHS is on its way!


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