Wednesday Link-Off: The How-to’s of Business

chrissy-teigen-beachbunny13-14If it’s the middle of the week, it must be time for some links. Let’s start today’s post with Chrissy Teigen.

Filing tax returns is probably everyone’s least favourite activity. Even less so than going to the dentist. Naturally, TurboTax, a company that profits from allowing people to do their own tax returns, doesn’t want filing your taxes to be any easier. They even lobbied to keep from getting tax filing any easier. (ProPublica)

Meanwhile, Samsung has gotten to the top spot in the smartphone market through more legitimate means. (Businessweek)

There might be some political career threatening rumours over Marco Rubio’s head. The only problem is that some outlets aren’t willing to say what the rumours are because they probably aren’t true. That begs the question: Why are you mentioning that these rumours exist if you know they aren’t true. (Gawker)

Be careful how much coverage of Monday’s Boston bombing that you take in. Some studies show that people who take in a lot of news coverage of tragic events have exhibited signs of post-traumatic stress disorder. (The Atlantic Wire)

In one of the more interesting human interest stories from Boston this week, one of the officers in the most viral photo from the bombing is the Boston police force’s LGBT liason officer. (BuzzFeed)

By the way, here’s a recap of everything that’s happened over the last couple of days in Boston so you can make heads or tails of this. (Deadspin)

This year was supposed to end the Toronto Blue Jays’ 20-year playoff drought. Instead, they look on their way to a 21-year drought. (The Big Lead)

For a couple of minutes, WWE wrestler Fandango was the biggest star in the business. (BuzzFeed Sports)

Then, the WWE decided to bury it by telling fans to do it rather than allowing him to organically by popular. Fans don’t react well to having stars act out of character and shoved down their throat at the same time. (With Leather)

Batman never catches a break. Not only are his parents dead but they’re walking dead.

What happens when two Ferrari F50s have a tug-of-war? An underwhelming battle that sounds good.

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