Wednesday Link-Off: Happy Halloween

It’s the middle of the week and we’re less than a week from the Presidential Election. But today’s Halloween so we’ll get through that first. Let’s kick off with Candice Swanepoel dressed as a stewardess. If only all airline stewardesses looked like that… I mean, apart from the ones on Virgin Airlines.

The New York Times editorial board has endorsed Barack Obama as the best choice for President of the United States. If the biggest newspaper in America endorses him, that should tell you something. (New York Times)

Mitt Romney says he cancelled his campaign rallies to hold Hurricane Sandy fundraisers. It sure seems as though they’re treating them as campaign rallies. (Daily Kos)

The Romney campaign team is dispatching a team of poll watchers to Wisconsin. However, the voting info they gave them for Wisconsin is largely false and written to suppress voting. (Think Progress)

After the jump, Romney and Sandy, some special Halloween polling and the greatest horror movie quotes.

The FEMA director under President Bush says Obama and FEMA are moving too fast on Hurricane Sandy. And I’m sure he thinks that his handling of Katrina was perfect. (Hardball/MSNBC)

Does Mitt Romney think FEMA needs to be scrapped? There’s some debate as to what he meant when asked about it in a Republican debate but he sure didn’t endorse FEMA. (Daily Kos)

Between staging faux/quasi charity events and not coming clean on plans for FEMA, Romney is handling his first major natural disaster as a major public figure poorly. (Salon) I’ll give the Republicans some free advice. Have Mitt “convince” Donald Trump to donate his $5 million in Obama extortion money to the Red Cross and have Romney match it. Maybe it won’t be a blindingly obvious ploy for good publicity.

A Romney ad in Ohio is trying to scare voters into thinking that President Obama is forcing auto worker jobs overseas. (Mother Jones) I sometimes wonder if Mittens is allergic to the truth.

Well-respected economist Paul Krugman suggests the recent attacks on Nate Silver is a war on objectivity. I think it’s a war on math. (New York Times)

Former Republican speech writer David Frum examines the economic reasons for abortion and what can be done to reduce the number of abortions without an outright ban. (CNN)

Did you know that Republicans has classified six different types of rape over the last two years? It’s be funny if it wasn’t so damn sad. (Mandatory)

In case you were wondering, even some Republicans think that most Republicans are racist. One of those is Colin Powell’s former Chief of Staff. (Gawker)

IndyCar fired CEO Randy Bernard. They’re desperate to kill that series. (Speed)

Is advertising ruining video game journalism? We can be certain but the appearance of a conflict of interest is definitely there. (Forbes)

Since it’s Halloween, here are some facts about Ghostbusters you may not have known. (Unreality)

A political polling firm did some Halloween-themed polling. If they did this survey during the heyday of Buffy rather than Twilight, maybe vampires would have been considered the scariest monster. (Public Policy Polling)

For any trick-or-treaters heading out tonight, here’s a guide to trading candy.

And here are the 100 greatest horror movie quotes of all-time.

And just for fun, here’s a James Bond deathmatch. Roger Moore is a total badass in this.

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