Mass Effect 3 Tipster Leaks New Multiplayer and Extended Cut DLC Info

A Reddit user named derptemp6698 was the first one to break news about the Rebellion DLC. His original Reddit post was almost three weeks before the accidental posting by Sony Hong Kong. Now he’s back with details of a new multiplayer DLC pack and an official looking description of the Extended Cut DLC.

Note: There are no plot spoilers in this post.

First in derptemp6698’s post was a description of a new multiplayer DLC pack.

Mass Effect™ 3: Earth:
The fighting is fiercest when it’s your home at stake! Mass Effect 3™: Earth adds mods, gear, and new maps for Rio, Vancouver, and London. It features 3 new weapons: Piranha assault shotgun, Acolyte pistol, and Typhoon light machine gun. Six new human N7 classes are also available: Destroyer, Paladin, Demolisher, Slayer, Shadow, and Fury!

The first couple of lines seem pretty status quo for a multiplayer DLC. It has the new maps and new weapons that we typically get from these sorts of DLCs. The exciting part is that we get to go to Earth in the three maps which will presumably be called Firebase Rio, Firebase Vancouver and Firebase London. The inclusion of the London level isn’t surprising since most of the London assets were built for the Priority: Earth missions. A good number of assets from Prologue: Earth (Shepard’s escape from Earth at the start of the game) will probably be reused in Firebase Vancouver. We’ve not been to Rio in ME3 so this could be pretty close to a fresh build of a level.

The interesting part of this is the new N7 classes. I would guess that calling them classes is a bit of a misnomer. They’re more likely to be one new human character (probably a male and female of each) for each of the current multiplayer classes giving you a total of seven (or eight, if they go human male and human female) choices per class. It seems risky to add only new human characters in this DLC pack when we already have at least two human options in each class. The names are also unique considering that we didn’t have names that seemed like they belong in classic RPG games. Then again, “Phoenix” was just a type of pink and white armor from Mass Effect 1 until the Rebellion pack was released.

Now for the info you’re really looking for.

Mass Effect™ 3: Extended Cut:
An expanded ending for Mass Effect 3. Additional scenes and an extended epilogue reveal the impact of Shepard’s choices on the future of the galaxy.

Sorry to disappoint but it doesn’t look like BioWare were planning to let us have any details as to what we’re getting from the Extended Cut DLC. This sounds like every other BioWare statement about EC. At least now we can be fairly certain that we’re getting some sort of conclusion to show what state the galaxy will be in after Shepard makes his final decision.

As for things we already know, we know that Mark Meer has recorded dialogue for Extended Cut. If Meer is back, Jennifer Hale is obviously back too as Fem Shep. Also returning are Lance Henriksen (Admiral Hackett), Tricia Helfer (EDI), Raphael Sbarge (Kaiden Alenko), Kimberly Brooks (Ashley Williams) and Brandon Keener (Garrus). I’ve done some scouring of the internet but haven’t found any further information on other current squadmates recording new lines for Extended Cut.

No release date was indicated by derptemp6698 in his post. However, the gap between his leak of Rebellion and the actual release was about four-and-a-half weeks. That would put the release around the second week of July. That’s just purely speculation on my part. Officially, the release date is still summer.

Source: Multiplayer DLC leak, round 2! (Going to believe me this time?) by derptemp6698 (via Kotaku)

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