Entertainment Link-Off: Battle At Sea

After getting dibs on the film a month early over in Australia, Battleship is finally being released in North America. By now, many people may have spoiled the movie for you or perhaps told you how brainless it is. In fact, it is true. At least it was a fun action flick and it contained good eye candy like Brooklyn Decker here.

After the jump, some Marvel news, Harold and Kumar goes animated, breaking down the finale of How I Met Your Mother, 4 minute preview of the new Spider-Man flick and a look at some of the CW shows for the fall.

If you have some time, this would be an interesting thing to listen to. An in-depth look at the future of the Marvel movie universe. (Slashfilm)

Thanks to the boost in popularity for The Hulk from The Avengers movie, it looks like another attempt at the small screen adaptation of the big green man is still in works. In fact, it might even hit the tubes by 2013! (The Hollywood Reporter)

Disney’s first big bomb of the year John Carter might be getting a bit of help from The Avengers. Thanks to a pair-up at drive-thru screenings, the sci-fi dud is raking in some extra bit of cash to reduce that $200 million write off… (The Hollywood Reporter)

Joss Whedon wants a larger female presence in the sequel to The Avengers. I’m definitely up for that. (Entertainment Weekly)

If you liked the claymation segment of the latest Harold and Kumar movie, you could be getting more. Adult Swim is looking to develop an animated series based on misadventures of the duo. (Deadline)

Edgar Wright chats with Empire to talk about his upcoming projects including Ant-Man, The World’s End and maybe… just maybe… Scott Pilgrim vs. the World 2? (Empire)

Good news is that NBC has renewed Community for a 4th season. Bad news is that it’s only for 13 episodes and the show has been moved to the Friday night death slot. In addition to that, the series creator Dan Harmon might be on his way out as well. (LA Times)

The teaser poster for Anchorman 2 is out… and the leg count doesn’t seem quite right. (The High Definite)

Kick-Ass 2 has got the green light! (The Hollywood Reporter)

How I Met Your Mother season finale post-mortem. Breaking down what happened and teasing what to expect in season 8. (Entertainment Weekly)

With the 37th season finale of Saturday Night Live approaching, it would be an appropriate time take a look at this extensive infographic covering the many many years of the late night sketch show. (Cabletv.com)

Aaron Sorkin loves the work of Aaron Sorkin. At the latest commencement speech at his alma mater Syracuse, he decided to recycle bits and pieces from another commencement speech he gave back in 1997. (Entertainment Weekly)

It’s an unpopular opinion, but I definitely agree with it. Ridley Scott’s Kingdom of Heaven is a great movie! (Joblo)

The four minute preview for The Amazing Spider-Man continues to impress. This reboot is definitely climbing up the charts for the anticipated films for the summer.

First look at The CW’s Arrow. Not exactly the Green Arrow I was expecting, but it looks pretty solid so far.

Well the winner of our hottest Canadian celebrity bracket Kristen Kreuk is no longer unemployed. Have a look at her new starring vehicle Beauty and the Beast. And in true CW form, the beast isn’t very beastly looking…

Freddie Wong has released a new action packed webseries VGHS (Video Game High School). Have a look if you’re up for some fun entertainment.

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