Entertainment Link-Off: Mars Attack!

After spending decades in the works, John Carter has finally made it to the big screen this weekend. Sadly tracking has been a bit low and it looks like it will be a box office flop. It’s rather unfortunate since it is a solid film despite minor pacing issues and spotty dialogue at times. The visuals, the story and the acting can make up for whatever flaws the film has. Plus, there’s Lynn Collins in it! That should be a definite plus! (And c’mon, support your fellow Canadian Taylor “Riggins” Kitsch of FNL fame).

After the jump, Terra Nova got canned, The Simpsons tackles Game of Thrones, the return of Community is near, a bit more on John Carter and check out a faux trailer for Where’s Waldo.

We’re less than a week away from the return of Community. Let’s kick it all off with a new animated short tied to the series! (TV Line)

Watch Jeff Winger and the dean give a tour of NBC! (Vulture)

While we’re on the topic of Community, here are the 10 best revelations about the show from PaleyFest and also 5 fun spoilers to look out for. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Topher Grace re-edited the Star Wars prequels and managed to create something better than the 7 hours of footage that George Lucas pumped out… (Slashfilm)

There’s no doubt Andrew Stanton is a great storyteller. Take a look at Finding Nemo, Toy Story, Wall-E for example. With John Carter hitting theatres this weekend, it’s appropriate for him to do a TED talk on story telling. Language is kinda NSFW. (TED)

9 tips from Taylor Kitsch on how to land an action gig role in a big budget movie. (Movieline)

Calling all John Carters! Mike Ryan over at Moviefone decided to call up the folks with the name in every state in the US to find out which of the John Carters will go out and see the sci-fi/adventure movie. (Moviefone)

Check out the amazing unofficial poster for Jimmy Kimmel’s Movie: The Movie. (The Autumn Society)

Sad news Terra Nova fans. The dino show just got canned by FOX. (Deadline)

Terra Nova may have had decent ratings but its demise can be blamed on its ballooned budget. (Entertainment Weekly)

Pipe dreams. Netflix is in talks to pick up Terra Nova from FOX. (Collider)

Watch The Simpsons channel its inner Game of Thrones with it’s special opening inspired by the HBO series. (io9)

Men in Black 3 trailer is out. While Josh Brolin does a fantastic job portraying Tommy Lee Jones.. I mean Agent K, the rest of the film looks and wreaks of big budget disappointment. (Yahoo)

Speaking of MIB3, could it’s production troubles explain the green screen in the trailer? (Slashfilm)

Here we go again, Bruce Boxleitner teases about Tron 3 possibly going into production in 2014. It’s gonna be a long wait folks… assuming it does happen. (Screen Rant)

Ever wonder why there aren’t enough women narrating movie trailers? (Movies.com)

Just to build up some excitement for John Carter, how about a ten minute clip showing some Earthly action from the movie.

Oh while we’re at it, check out the awesome mashup between Community and The Dark Knight Rises.

Hilarious red band trailer for 21 Jump Street that’s worth a look.

Had trouble thinking of how to turn Where’s Waldo into a movie? Perhaps this faux trailer is something worth exploring.

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