Entertainment Link-Off: Endings and Beginnings

It’s a whole slew of sequels at the box office this weekend and if the early numbers are any indication, it looks like it’s gonna be a disappointing take for Hollywood. Anyway, earlier this week the series finale of Being Erica just aired, so to mark the end of such a wonderful series, let’s just start off with the show’s leading lady, Erin Karpluk.

After the jump, 10 things you didn’t know about Being Erica, plenty of new movie trailers, an interesting behind the scenes look at The Thing, a montage of The Spielberg Face and Jimmy Kimmel ruins Christmas for a bunch of kids.

This past Monday marked the series finale of the Canadian show Being Erica. The show often travels back in time as the main character Erica Strange determines how she could have done things differently. Well, the producers behind the show also made many decisions with regards to the show. Perhaps in an alternate reality, these 10 things might have followed through. (Unreality TV)

Jana Sinyor, the creator of Being Erica takes an opportunity to thank the fans for supporting the show over the past 4 seasons. She also offers to answer any burning questions that we might still have even though the show has wrapped up. (Livejournal)

There goes your weekly fix of feel good reality TV. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition has been cancelled. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Glee starting to hit the sour note? (LA Times)

Christian Bale attempted to visit an activist in China only get into a ruffle with the security guards. Sounds like a very Batman-like thing to do. (CNN)

While there have been rumblings of an Austin Powers sequel, it looks like Mike Myers is currently trying to develop a musical prequel. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Every year there are bad movies, but that doesn’t mean the actors involved are doing bad work though! Here’s a list of 10 best performances in 10 bad movies of 2011. (Cinema Blend)

It’s confirmed, you can grab a first look at The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey alongside The Adventures of Tin Tin. (Collider)

The poster for Prometheus (the non-Alien prequel) is definitely sending some Alien-related vibes. (Shock Til You Drop)

The trailer for Bryan Singer’s Jack and the Giant Killer has been released! It’s a more serious grown-up look at the Jack and the Beanstalk story. (Apple)

The trailer for Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance is out and it certainly looks better than the first film. Then again, given how bad the first one is, this isn’t really saying much. (Yahoo)

Behind the scenes news have indicated that Men in Black 3 is a total mess. Well the trailer isn’t really helping the film earn bonus cool points at the moment. The bright spot? Josh Brolin’s K is spot on! (Collider)

First look at GI Joe: Retaliation. I think the film has turned from something that should have been Duke-centric to… well The Rock’s show. Enjoy. (Machinima)

So the prequel to The Thing was a bit of a bust and the final product also didn’t quite live up to most people’s expectations out there. The special effects were also overshadowed by what looked like an excessive use of CGI. However, this video offers a nice look at the practical effects done in the film. (Shock Til You Drop)

Clint Eastwood took over the silver screens. Then he made quite the splash as a film director. Now his next venture… reality TV? (Movieline)

New TV spots for Disney’s John Carter reveals a bit more from the epic battle sequences. (Yahoo)

Speaking of John Carter, the new banners released focuses on the creatures found in the movie. (Slashfilm)

Expendables 2 teaser trailer. More testosterone. More action stars. I think that’s about it. (Apple)

Every director tends to have his or her own touch to their films. In this example, it’s ‘The Spielberg Face’. What’s that you ask? Well, it’s the look that features “eyes open, staring in wordless wonder in a moment where time stands still.” Not convinced that it’s found in all Spielberg’s films? Check out this video.

Speaking of things coming to an end, Irish boyband Westlife will be separating once they complete the greatest hits tour next year. Their latest music video features a montage of clips from when they first started to the present day. Enjoy.

So this may not be as good as Jimmy Kimmel’s Halloween challenge, but it’s still filled with tons of laughs. Have a look at the kids’ reactions from getting Christmas presents that they didn’t want to begin with.

Patton Oswalt gets into trouble for texting at the Alamo Drafthouse. Well… sorta.

Bryce Dallas Howard has caught the directing bug from her father Ron. Though her directing resume is a bit thin, she is definitely showing some promise. Let’s just say she does have quite the eye for nice looking visuals.

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