Entertainment Link-Off: Blockbusted

Uh oh. I’ve drawn in on the entertainment beat for Jackie. We’re all in trouble now. To make up for my interpretation of an entertainment linkdump, here’s Angela Sarafyan who stars in A Good Old Fashioned Orgy which debuts this weekend.

Writer/blogger extraordinaire Drew Magary (who is regularly linked in my linkdumps) gives his take on movie star and director clichés and how they’re always trying to seem higher brow than they actually are. (The Projector)

After the jump, the summers biggest flops, Mr. Kim Kardashian meets the man who made her famous and Captain Planet is back, bitches.

This summer really hasn’t had a breakout movie hit… Or I missed it if there was. Anyway, here are the summer’s ten underachieving movies of the summer. (Yahoo Movies)

One of this summer’s flops was Green Lantern. But why did it crash and burn when Iron Man was the smash hit of 2008? (io9)

And speaking of flops, it looks like it’s all over for Blockbuster Canada. Their court-appointed bankruptcy receiver is seeking permission to shut it down. (Globe and Mail)

In terms of impending flops, Dan Aykroyd is spilling details on Ghostbusters 3. Suddenly, I’m less confident in its okay-ness and more confident in its awful-ness. (Coming Soon)

Today in irony: 1988’s George Lucas would hate 1997 and beyond’s George Lucas because he thought films should be preserved in their original form. (Saving Star Wars) With any luck, 2011 George listens to 1988 George and releases the original trilogy as they first appeared in theater on Blu-Ray. If he needs some reference material, I have those films on VHS.

Parks and Rec show runner Michael Shurr (AKA Ken Tremendous) explains why Cheers is the greatest sitcom of all-time. (Vulture)

And speaking of big names in the entertainment business, here’s Kevin Smith about the Southwest Airlines saga. (The Daily Beast)

Celebrities are probably on slightly on edge about personal info getting out at the best of times. Now that hacker group Anonymous has set up a subsidiary group dedicated to hacking celebs, they’ve got to be shitting themselves. (Daily Mail)

Frieda Pinto may be the biggest Indian actress in the world right now but no one ares about her in India. (CNN GO)

Daryl Hannah was arrested on Wednesday for protesting an oil pipeline from the Alberta oilsands. The only problem with Hannah’s protest is that her facts aren’t actually right. (CBC)

The new Mr. Kardashian, NBA player Kris Humphries, met Ray J on an airplane and pretended not to know who he was. Let’s face it, if it wasn’t for Ray J, we wouldn’t know who Kim Kardashian is. (The Big Lead)

Apparently Americans aren’t the sharpest knives in the drawer. Thanks to marketing ploys for the new movie Apollo 18, NASA has been forced to release a statement saying that there was no Apollo 18 mission and that the movie is pure fiction. It’s sad that it came to that. (LA Times)

Looking for some movies to watch this weekend? Here are nine work-related movies that would be appropriate viewing for Labour Day weekend. (Screen Junkies)

Or is TV more your thing? Then you might want to check out some of this weekend’s TV marathons. (TVLine)

Speaking of movies and the like, here a look at five depraved sex acts that were implied in the Harry Potter series. That Rowling had a dirty mind. (Cracked)

Captain Planet is back to save the planet. And he’s willing to lay down the law to save the Earth. The power is his, bitches.

Here’s something new for you. It’s a Batman movie porn parody parody. No, I didn’t accidentally type parody twice.


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