Entertainment Link-Off: All Fired Up

This weekend at the box office, it’s horror flick Final Desination 5 facing off against action/comedy 30 Minutes or Less. Neither film is likely to beat out those apes for the first place spot though. Anyway, leading this off is one of the cast members of Final Desination 5, Emma Bell.

After the jump, a few trailers to start things off, reading spoilers will make you appreciation things more, movie cliches illustrated, Conan O’Brien challenges Jesse Eisenberg to see who’s more self-depreciating and some music friendly videos to wrap things up.

Let’s kick things off with a small trailer dump. First up is the dramedy 50/50 starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Set Rogen and Anna Kendrick. This new theatrical trailer plays up the comedy and is actually half the length of the teaser trailer. It’s might be a hard sell to the general audience given its content, so might as well stick to a theme right? No matter what people think so far, this film is still part of my most anticipated flicks of 2011 list. (Yahoo)

Another movie that is playing up the comedy is A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas. Yes, they’re up to no good again and the silliness factor factor just went up a notch. Then again, you can never go wrong with more NPH. (Yahoo)

This just in. Spoilers are good for you! (UCSD)

Oh look the new Planet of the Apes film is just the start of a new trilogy. (Entertainment Weekly)

For those looking for a refresher before seeing Final Destination 5 at the theatres this weekend… here’s a recap of all the deaths from the previous films. By the way, NSFW. (Screened)

Looks like Disney’s attempt to rehash the Lone Ranger is dead all thanks to the ballooning budget. (Deadline)

We all know Skynet is dangerous, so imagine the T-800 managed to get Twitter. It’ll be a tool/sad attempt to hunt down Sarah Connor. #Terminator (The High Definite)

We often complain about movie cliches and cringe at the sight of them during movies, but turns out they can be quite funny when they’re illustrated. (Moviefone)

Early screening buzz. The Thing’s prequel (also called The Thing) is living up to the hype… for now. (AICN)

Now this is what I call planning ahead! Fast Five director Justin Lin already has a 12 minute sequence completed for Fast Six(?) well before the film was even announced! (Box Office Magazine)

We all know American TV is known for originality when they decided to make knock-off versions of UK shows. So, how do they stack up against the original counterparts? Have a look at the infographic and find out. (The TV Addict)

Conan O’Brien and Jesse Eisenberg take on the most self-depreciating game show ever in The Self-Efface-Off! (Team Coco)

Clara C’s an extraordinarily talented singer/songwriter. Heck, I still got her album The Art in My Heart on rotation in my music library since its release last year. Anyway, before throwing in her new music video for The Camel Song, here’s a nice (and lengthy) interview with her courtesy of The Other Asians. (The Other Asians)

In her latest music video, Clara (literally) paints a picture that depicts the story of a couple’s relationship starting from beginning to end. The music video continues to carry the arsty whimsical vibe like Heartstrings. The MV also features Youtuber Ryan Higa as the main love interest. Have a look and don’t be fooled by the title of the track!

Let’s keep the music coming! Here’s a beautiful cover of Oasis’ Wonderwall by Esther Lee. Close your eyes and just listen.

Finally, let’s end it off with the latest from The Saturdays called All Fired Up. It might not be as good as their previous hits, it’s heaps better than that atrocious single Notorious.

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