Sunday Link-Off: Kick-Off

I don’t watch NCIS:LA but I can’t fault people who do if Daniela Ruah is on the show.

With the NFL pre-season underway, that means it’s time we’re kicking off fantasy football season. Did you know that it’s a billion-dollar industry? (Hollywood Reporter)

Nobody’s asking but it’s not a bad question: How will the recent US economic debt crisis / double-dip recession affect the economics of the NHL? (On The Forecheck)

Bad news for pay-per-view providers: Cable/satellite users are buying less PPV porn. That’s what the internet does for you. (Wall Street Journal)

After the jump, Punk vs. Cena II, baseball’s fake attendance numbers and Brokeback About Nothing.

Tonight is WWE’s SummerSlam. It’s also the continuation of the great CM Punk – John Cena storyline. But there are some hanging questions heading into the pay-per-view. (Grantland)

And let’s cross fantasy football with wrestling. Here’s a comparison of fantasy football tight ends to WWE divas. (With Leather)

I saw the Jays play this week with 20,000 other people… Except that wasn’t the number of people there. It turns out that baseball teams are inflating their attendance figures. (Biz of Baseball)

One way to get more butts into the seats at baseball games? Crazy giveaways. For example, at San Francisco’s Star Wars Day, they plan on giving away Brian Wilson in carbonite statues. (Last Angry Fan)

When I think of Jonah Keri, I think well thought out and meticulously analyzed baseball articles. Little did I know that the dude has a hell of a sense of humour. Here’s Keri’s case that Air Bud (Yes, that Air Bud) is the player that the Los Angeles Angels can add right now. (Grantland) PS: Keep an eye out for Hockey Night In Canada’s Jim Hughson making his second of two movie appearances.

Chad Ochocinco has moved in with a blogger during training camp. Hilarity ensues in the blogger’s own take on his new roommate. (Standing Room Only)

An analyst says that the NBA Lockout could cause NBA 2K12 sales to drop by up to 1 million units. He also says that if NBA 2K12 is the only way to get your basketball fix, sales could go up. In other words, there’s an NBA game coming out in the fall and no one knows how many copies it’ll sell. (Ball Don’t Lie)

And let’s wrap up with more pro wrestling. It’s a list of the 50 greatest pro wrestling costumes of all-time. (Complex)

This week in amazing fake trailers: Seinfeld mashed-up with Brokeback Mountain. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Today in cool magic tricks: Going through the drive-thru with a floating cup.

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