Wednesday Link-Off: The Must Reads

We’ve loaded up on interesting and high-quality articles for today’s linkdump. I’m not sure there’s one here that you want to skip. Anyway, let’s balance that out with Sandra Vergara (Sofia’s younger sister) who is in Fright Night which you probably want to skip.

Here’s this year’s absolute must-read story: It’s an insider look at the mission to kill Osama bin Laden from the planning phases through to the mission. (New Yorker)

Good news for people like me who are often accused of being alcoholics: About two-thirds of people in a study say they drink to cope with stress. See, I don’t have a problem. I’m just an average guy. (Daily Telegraph)

Spoiler alert for the next season of Two And A Half Men: Chuck Lorre is a fucking idiot. Rather than prove he’s the bigger man by letting Charlie Sheen’s character drift off and hope he’d come back for a highly rated comeback episode, he’s going to kill off Sheen’s character. Chuck, the cancellation bear is coming for you! (Deadline)

After the jump, more bad coming TV series, IE users are statistically proven to be morons and exploding F1 cars.

Keeping with dumb TV series ideas, Starz is ordering a pilot about a woman who owns a NASCAR team tentatively called (and I’m not kidding) Tits In The Pits. This’ll set everyone involved back about 50 years. (Vulture)

Coming soon to PBS is a Mister Rogers spin-off starring the kids of the original denizens of the neighbourhood. (EW Inside TV)

With the NFL lockout over, it’s time for KSK’s annual fantasy football team name guide. I’m using at least one of these this season. (Kissing Suzy Kolber)

Back to booze for a second. Here’s a slightly scientific look at how drunk you get and how quickly you get drunk. It’s funny that stress makes you drunk faster. See, I’m not a lightweight. (Wall Street Journal)

Best resignation letter ever? A guy resigns from Whole Foods and writes an open letter to the whole company to explain why it sucks. (Gawker)

Ever wonder how real your Facebook friends are? I’d call this social experiment involving changing your birthday a good indicator that most of your Facebook friends don’t really know you. (Slate)

Just in time for the roughly one-month mark until school starts again, it’s Engadget’s back to school gadget guide… Or at least bits and pieces of it. (Engadget)

As a Google Chrome user, I’m happy to say that a recent study says that I’m smarter than a Firefox user and everyone is smarter than IE users. (Uproxx)

Today in confusing scientific metaphors: The universe is kinda like a hologram… I think. This astrophysics stuff just screams right over my head. (Wired)

It’s list time. First up, it’s a look at the biggest video game franchises of all-time. They really could’ve stopped after the first two because those ones were huge dives. I actually liked playing those games before Universal fucked it all up. (GamePro)

In the run up to the MLB trade deadline, Sports Pickle looked at the worst trades in world history. (Sports Pickle)

What happens when an oddly designed F1 car catches fire? It goes up in flames and explodes.

Today’s faux trailer could be tomorrow’s legitimate Oscar contender. I’m not kidding either. It’s The Man Without A Facebook.

And sticking with movies, it’s cinema’s greatest mirror pep talks.

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