Sunday Link-Off: Break The Walls Down

It’s time for another edition of the Sunday links. In honour of Comic Con, here’s Attack of the Show personality Alison Haislip.

On the heels of C.M. Punk becoming a mainstream star, Bill Simmons takes a look at the history of wrestling theme music and the best theme music since the Monday Night Wars. (Grantland)

And speaking of wrestling, a man got the 90s WWE title belt tattooed around his waist. It’s both the greatest and dumbest thing a wrestling fan has ever done. Here is his story. (Black Sports Online)

The NFL lockout is almost over… Maybe. It’ll definitely end when they actually are at risk of losing money. Anyway, here’s Drew Magary’s guide to the post-lockout NFL. (Deadspin)

After the jump, how NHL salary arbitration works, Ford has a message for GM and CM Punk invades Comic Con.

Ever wonder how arbitration works in the NHL? Using Shea Weber’s arbitration hearing as an example, here’s a guide to NHL salary arbitration. (On The Forecheck)

Just for fun, let’s reminisce about the five worst sports promotions in history. (Unathletic)

What happens when a Croatian League One soccer team needs a publicity boost? Hire a WAG/Playboy model to play in a game. (Off The Bench)

Speaking of the model type, Jenn Sterger has a new show in development. She just shot a pilot for Spike. (Sportress of Blogitude)

Ever get the feeling that the News of the World phone hacking scandal is a Hollywood docu-drama waiting to happen? Well, if it happens soon enough, don’t be surprised to see some of this fantasy cast in it. (Business Insider)

As a Ford owner, I wholeheartedly endorse this stance by Ford’s head of PR: Fuck GM! (Jalopnik)

Coming soon to an Olympic park in London near you: The world’s biggest McDonald’s. I’m sure someone’s loving it. (Daily Telegraph)

It’s time for some lists to close out. Looking for something to listen to while at work? Check out this list of the top twelve comedy podcasts. (Heavy) One question though: Where are we?

I love this collection of the 20 craziest wrestling videos on the web. GRENADE!! (With Leather)

In other crazy videos, here are the top ten viral videos starring cars. (Jalopnik)

And here are videos of five sports announcers who had epic on-air rants. (Sports Grid)

I didn’t know there was a Sports Illustrated for Kids. I also didn’t know that they had better covers than regular SI. (Sports Pickle)

I’m surprised Jackie didn’t cover this in yesterday’s ELO. After all, it was only the biggest non-Whedon-related moment at ComicCon. It’s WWE Champion C.M. Punk crashing the WWE’s panel.

A close second to Punk was Bill Shatner. He led a crowd in a 30-second long screaming of “KHAAAAAN!”

For some reason, I seem to link a lot of these a capella covers of songs. Well, there’s no reason to change now. That’s why I’m running this a capella mashup of 90s dance songs.


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