Entertainment Link-Off: SDCC 2011 Edition

Comic-Con is happening this weekend. The reports from panels and other events at SDCC 2011 will continue to roll in, so expect updated links as we go along this weekend. Kicking things off is Mila Kunis from the Friends with Benefits premiere. Of course, if you prefer comic book flicks, Captain America: The First Avenger is in theatres this week as well. To the folks in Aussieland, it comes out next Thursday.

After the jump, some collectibles to be on the lookout for, copycat film showdown, Spidey-news, Chuck’s final run on network TV, The Dark Knight Rises trailer… animated style and a new downloadable Mortal Kombat character revealed.

Comic Con is taking place this weekend and there’s no better time than to go through a rundown of the collectibles worth a look over there. I’m definitely aiming for #9 on that list. (Rotten Tomatoes)

Ideas tend to run thin in Hollywood, so it’s common we would get two films hitting theatres that are awfully similar. This year, it’s Friends With Benefits and No Strings Attached. Here’s a rundown of all the ‘similar’ films in the past while pitting them against each other to determine superiority. (Moviefone)

Pixar is having an off year. Cars 2 is not only rotten, it might not cross the $200 million mark at the North American box office! (Slashfilm)

A new motion poster has been released for the upcoming film The Hunger Games… and it burns! (Yahoo)

While it might be too soon for the Spider-Man reboot, at least the trailer for the film looks somewhat promising. (Yahoo)

Speaking of Spider-Man, director Marc Webb talks about the film and how his take will be different than what Sam Raimi produced almost ten years ago. (LA Times)

As expected, there was a Spider-Man panel at Comic-Con and here are 15 things that the folks learned while attending the event. (Slashfilm)

The new Avengers poster is much more tease than substance. (Marvel)

Hugh Jackman confirms the new villain for the next Wolverine flick. (What Culture!)

They’re really digging into our childhood for more upcoming flicks. First off, another attempt to make a Voltron movie. (Film School Rejects) Now, even Captain Planet is headed our way! (Time)

Damon Lindelof discusses about the secrecy surrounding his projects but includes when we should expect to see more from the new flick Prometheus. (Slashfilm) And for those interested, clip descriptions and more from the Prometheus panel at Comic-Con. (Slashfilm)

It pains me to say that I won’t be able to attend Comic-Con this year to attend Chuck’s last panel. Anyway, Zachary Levi and Josh Gomez teases about the upcoming season. (TV Guide)

Adam Baldwin talks about the end of Chuck, the legacy of Firefly and his appreciation for the ‘side boob’. (The TV Addict)

While we’re on TV updates, here’s something on Barney’s epic wedding on How I Met Your Mother. (TV Guide)

One of the summer shows that’s drawing attention is Suits. If you haven’t started watching, here’s 5 reasons why you should. (Entertainment Weekly)

Who needs television as a medium when quality online series are starting to show up on the net. The latest to create buzz is a show called H+. Produced by Bryan Singer, here’s a preview of the series that looks at technology and social networking gone very wrong. (IGN)

For more awesome Comic-Con coverage, Collider has a pretty archive set up. (Collider)

Mark Zuckerberg deleted his Google+ account due to privacy concerns. However, it just might be due to his recent encounter with Tom from Myspace…

While the folks at Comic Con got a look at the final two episodes of Mortal Kombat Legacy, the rest of us will have to wait til Sunday to get our fix of the online series. Another piece of news making a huge splash is the new DLC character added to the latest Mortal Kombat game… and it’s Freddy Kruger!

You’ve read about The Dark Knight Rises trailer last week, time to have an actual look this week! Assuming you still haven’t seen it yet.

Better yet, how about the entire trailer redone using clips from the Batman animated series?


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