Sunday Link-Off: Clear Eyes

Because of all the Friday Night Lights wrap-up links I have in here, I have to kick off with the lovely ladies of FNL that Jackie omitted yesterday. It’s Minka Kelly, Adrianne Palicki and Connie Britton.

So I was wrong when I posted a link a few weeks ago about the FNL series finale. The finale aired weeks ago in Canada but FNL just wrapped up in the USA this past Friday. In honour of the end of the best sports show ever, here’s the oral history of Friday Night Lights. (Grantland)

Part of what made FNL great was the soundtrack which helped to make it feel like a Texas football show despite the fact that all the actors were at least in their 20s and mostly from well outside the deep south. Here are the best songs from FNL’s five season run. (GQ)

Deadspin has done it again. They’ve obtained the audited financial statements of the arm of the NFL that brings in all the league-wide revenue. They only made 10 figures of profit last year. (Deadspin)

After the jump, happy 5th Twitter, the self-destruction of RIM and CM Punk is at it again.

I guess Twitter celebrated its fifth anniversary this past Thursday or sometime last week or something like that based on my Twitter feed. So to kickstart your journey to Twitter semi-stardom, here are Darren Rovell’s Twitter tips that got him 100,000 followers. (CNBC) He forgot Tip #101: Random folks aren’t going to get thousands of followers. People with jobs/careers that make you well known will get four-digit follower counts.

Or if you’d prefer the anti-Rovell Twitter tips and recommendations, CRM has his own set. (The Big Lead)

Speaking of Twitter rules, you should always to remember to log out of your account when using a public computer. New York Rangers soon-to-be-overpaid-benchwarmer Brad Richards forgot this and had to be saved by Tommy Lee. (Puck Daddy)

CM Punk is still making news in the run up to what could be his last WWE match tonight. His latest wave made was accidentally restarting the campaign to bring back WWE ice cream bars. (The Big Lead)

And here’s Punk’s interview with GQ Magazine before tonight’s big title match. (GQ)

Speaking of wrestling news, a small promoter tried to stage a Randy Savage memorial show. It went catastrophically wrong for all involved except the promoter. (With Leather)

The Duchess of Cambridge, AKA Kate Middleton, is apparently an avid sports fan. That seems to include mutton busting. (Deadspin)

Baseball has all sorts of made up stats so why can’t TV have them too? Alan Sepinwall has created TSORIS, Theme Song Over Remainder In Show. The top TSORIS score goes to Psych. (HitFix)

Fleet Commander looks like it could be the greatest Star Wars game ever made. Too bad that this project by a University of Chicago student isn’t likely to see the light of day. (Topless Robot)

It looks like RIM is self-destructing… Or at least its stock price would have you think that. And with an insider story behind the scenes of RIM like this, who would blame investors for bailing. (BGR)

As noted in that last link, Jim Balsillie’s run for an NHL team sure didn’t help things at RIM. Here’s a more dollars and cents look at the effect of Balsillie’s chase for a hockey team. (The Street)

For the first time in a while, it’s photo gallery time. First, it’s Formula One cars drawn with light. (Jalopnik)

And here are famous photos recreated using Lego. (Caveman Circus)

Comic Con starts later this week. I’m sure Jackie will be all over that. In the meantime, here’s nerd hero Nathan Fillion with a PSA about the dangers of Swamp Ass. And remember that Castle is back on September 19. Not that I would have to tell most browncoats that.

That Sepinwall piece earlier about TSORIS omitted the Greatest American Hero theme song. But rather than run the original, here it is on George Costanza’s answering machine.

And couldn’t I wrap up this FNL heavy post with anything but more FNL. It’s a collection of every Tami Taylor “Y’all” from the series.

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