Sunday Link-Off: I Predict A Riot

Well, it was either make a riot joke or wish folks a Happy Father’s Day. Well, maybe leading off with Kate Upton will make guys happy and most men would riot to get to her. Covered both there.

The biggest story of the Vancouver Riot was probably the couple kissing in the middle of the street. Well, it turns out that they weren’t Vancouverites at all but Aussie tourists. (9News)

Meanwhile, the folks at the Death Star Public Relations department have uncovered a famous kiss-in-the-middle-of-a-riot photo from a long time ago. (Death Star PR)

But all the photos that were taken of the riot are doing some good. Police picked up one high schooler who was in one of the more memorable photos. (Deadspin)

After the jump, Father’s Day links, the greatest sports venues in the world and Regis wants to know about internet porn.

Well, let’s at least toss in one Father’s Day link. Here are the 12 best movies about fatherhood. (The Art of Manliness)

Lost in the shuffle was this week’s release of the top fifty highest earning athletes in North America. This year’s top earner might actually be a surprise. (Sports Illustrated)

Not among the top earners are these kids whose lemonade stand near the US Open to raise money for cancer was shut down by county officials for not having a license. (With Leather)

Coming soon is a new Metallica album… With Lou Reed? That’s equal parts head-scratching and head-banging! (Rolling Stone)

Because my sister is going to see U2 in concert next weekend, here are four things you can do besides watching U2 in concert. (OC Weekly)

People can make just about anything with Lego now. Someone recreated the city of Rapture from BioShock using Lego bricks. (MOCpages)

Ever want to know why men cheat? A new study says it may come down to heredity. (Daily Mail)

More conspiracy theories for you. It’s the 14 greatest sports conspiracy theories. These one’s a proper good conspiracies too. (TruTV)

Speaking of sports, here’s a list of the 100 best venues in sports right now. Unfortunately, there aren’t any Canadian venues on the list so the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve clearly got shafted. (Business Insider)

The comic comics at The Oatmeal have given us the definitive comic breakdown of smartphones. (The Oatmeal)

Sadly we can’t embed Funny or Die videos so you’ll just have to click-through this look at what LA Noire would be like in real life. (Funny or Die)

For Father’s Day, here is some advice from the best TV dads through the decades.

ESPN’s Michelle Beadle co-hosted Regis and Kelly earlier this week. For whatever reason, Regis decided to ask Beadle about internet porn.

You didn’t think I could do a riot post without a Vancouver tourism video, did you?

And let’s close this linkdump on a low note. Well, ironically, I suppose. It’s the worst moments of E3 2011. AT&T! Ha!

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