Entertainment Link-Off: Green With Envy

I’m still covering the pop culture beat for Jackie but don’t worry because he’ll be back in July. In the meantime, here’s Blake Lively who is wearing far more clothes than the last batch of photos of hers that I saw.

After a publicity blitz that included TV ads, interviews and allegedly leaked alleged Blake Lively nude self-portraits, Green Lantern premiered this weekend. I’m guessing that being called a contender for worst movie of the year wasn’t what they were going for though. (Slate)

After the jump, the best of movies, the worst of movies and Conan’s best commencement speech in the history of the world.

Don’t think that Slate was being unnecessarily harsh for the sake of making a splash. Here’s a collection of nine Green Lantern takedowns that are just as scathing. (Movieline)

What happens when the profile writer become part of the story herself? Edith Zimmerman talks about that as she profiles Captain America Chris Evans. (GQ)

And keeping on the bad movie theme, here’s a preview of the 2011 Razzie worst picture race. (Grantland)

How about we talk good movies for a bit? Here’s an excerpt from a book that looks behind the scenes of The Godfather. (National Post)

Tangentially related to that, Al Pacino made this list of the 10 greatest movie speeches of recent memory. (The Campus Socialite)

Remember George Lucas’ Star Wars in 3D project? Well, producer Rick McCallum says that they’ll only do all six films if the films do well at the box office. (/Film)

Sticking with sci-fi, it looks like the BBC has big plans in store for 2013’s 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who. No one’s saying what those plans are yet. (EW PopWatch) In case you were wondering, I’ve heard more episodes, a (TV) movie and a return to 60’s-style serials. Hoping for the latter but I’m confident that Steve Moffat knows what he’s doing.

Here’s a list of six video games that could make great movies. I actually agree with the whole list. I also think that turning any of these into a movie would be a catastrophic mistake. (Unreality)

And keeping with list, here’s a list of five classic sitcom episodes that are now tragic. (Ranker)

The internet loves Aaron Sorkin but the feeling isn’t exactly mutual. He really hates bloggers. (New York Observer)

Good news for single men with big dreams and small chances of them coming true: Pippa Middleton is single. (Us Magazine) Somewhere Prince William is thinking “Aw shit! Now she dumps the dead weight.”

Just for fun, here are some romantic comedy taglines that we won’t see in a theater near you. (The Hairpin)

Your unusual celebrity photo gallery of the day. Here are celebrities in 1800s-style pictures. (DJ Mick)

Trailer time! It’s the first trailer for the upcoming Money Ball movie starring Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill. I’m actually shocked that this might not be shit.

And Jackie would probably kill me if I didn’t run this new Transformers 3 trailer. It’s got a new Linkin Park song, new footage and renewed confirmation that this movie has no plot and that Rosie adds nothing to the movie. Seriously, Bay couldn’t have gotten better eye candy that couldn’t act?

Star Tours is coming to Disneyland. Darth Vader wanted to be on hand for the opening but was a little early so he dealt with it himself.

What if real life was like social media?

And in case you’re the last person on the internet to see it, here’s Conan’s commencement speech at Dartmouth.


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