Wednesday Link-Off: Surely You Can’t Be Serious

We’ve got a bit of a comedy thing happening in today’s WLO so let’s kick off with Cobie Smulders.

We know that the NHL has its reasonably fair share of scandals. Avery, Campbell, Eagleson… and that’s about all I can think of right now. However, there is a set procedure for dealing with these as shown by this flowchart. (Down Goes Brown)

The Grey Cup was this past week. Sadly, Montreal won. However, us viewers also won because TSN put more into this game broadcast than they did for the whole 2010 Olympics. Here’s a look behind the scenes at the production efforts. (55-Yard Line)

With the passing of Canadian icon Leslie Nielsen this weekend, let’s look back at 10 of his best scenes. (Bro Bible)

After the jump, Sports Human of the Year voting, a Fox Nation epic fail and a couple of Monday Night Football moments.

It’s time for Deadspin’s Sports Human of the Year voting. Right now, they’re in the quarter-finals stage. Vote for your choices for the SHOTY here. (Deadspin)

The Heat are apparently upset with Coach Erik Spoelstra. In actuality, it’s just LeBron and his handlers that are angry someone is standing up to him. (Yahoo Sports)

Remember that Miami bar that was giving away free drinks every time the Heat lost? They’re $30,000 in the hole on that promotion. (CNBC)

Fox Nation… Oh, Fox Nation. Fox’s news group really lived up to its reputation of being a joke when they ran an article by The Onion like it was a legit story. (Mediaite)

The big story of the week has been the WikiLeaks dump of secret US diplomatic cables. Here’s the New York Times’ look at the latest scandal to rock Washington. (New York Times)

These won’t be popular but here are some scientific facts about human evolution and human behaviour. (The Independent)

It’s not often that you get a look inside the making of a video game but Final Fantasy IX producer Hironobu Sakaguchi published some of his preliminary notes about FF9’s script. There’s definitely a shift in philosophies between FF9 and FF13. (Mistwalker)

In other video game news, iRacing champion (and I guy I used to race playing NR2003) Greger Huttu was given a chance to drive a real race car to see the differences between the virtual racer and the real deal. The results may surprise you. (Top Gear)

A bit of Star Wars to wrap up. First, the Tweet of the Day is by @DeathStarPR. (The Daily What)

And here’s some Star Wars posters created solely using font. (I Believe In Advertising)

Not Star Wars related but Goodyear has upped the ante on run-flat tires for the upcoming moon mission. (Gizmodo)

Not included in the above Leslie Nielsen moments is this Monday Night Football intro.

Speaking of Monday Night Football, it just keeps giving great clips. Recently we got Dennis Green’s “They are who we thought they were” speech. And this week we got Derek Anderson’s “It’s not funny” speech.


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