2010 OUA Football All-Stars

We’ve given a lot of coverage to this year’s OUA football season so it’s only fitting that we also take a look at some of the end of season awards. Today, the OUA announced this year’s first and second team all-stars. Each of the nine coaches of active OUA teams cast a vote for the all-star teams. Not surprisingly, the two Yates Cup Final teams, Ottawa and Western, were the two most represented teams on the First All-Star Team. Western also topped the overall all-star count. After the jump, we have the all-star lists and count up the players from each team.

First Team Offence
Quarterback: Brad Sinopoli (Ottawa)
Running Back: Nick FitzGibbon (Guelph)
Running Back: Jerimy Hipperson (Western)
Inside Receiver: Matthew Bolduc (Ottawa)
Inside Receiver: Steven Hughes (Ottawa)
Wide Receiver: Cyril Adjeitey (Ottawa)
Wide Receiver: Michael DiCroce (McMaster)
Centre: Justin Glover (McMaster)
Guard: Matt Norman (Western)
Guard: Patrick D’Amico (Ottawa)
Offensive Tackle: Matt O’Donnell (Queen’s)
Offensive Tackle: Josh Buttrill (Western)

First Team Defence
Defensive Tackle: Sébastien Tétreault (Ottawa)
Defensive Tackle: Mike Van Praet (Western)
Defensive End: Zander Robinson (Western)
Defensive End: Grant MacDonald (Guelph)
Linebacker: John Surla (Western)
Linebacker: Ryan Chmielewski (McMaster)
Linebacker: Giancarlo Rapanaro (Laurier)
Defensive Halfback: Craig Butler (Western)
Defensive Halfback: James Savoie (Guelph)
Cornerback: Chayce Elliot (Ottawa)
Cornerback: Mark Durigon (Guelph)
Safety: Mitch Nicholson (Laurier)
Rush/Cover: Craig Butler (Western)

First Team Special Teams
Punter: Darryl Wheeler (Western)
Place Kicker: Matthew Falvo (Ottawa)
Kick Returner: Dillon Heap (Laurier)

Second Team Offence
Quarterback: Kyle Quinlan (McMaster)
Running Back: Joey Nemet (McMaster)
Running Back: Jimmy Therrien (Queen’s)
Inside Receiver: Devan Sheahan (Queen’s)
Inside Receiver: Dillon Heap (Laurier)
Wide Receiver: Jedd Gardner (Guelph)
Wide Receiver: Shamawd Chambers (Laurier)
Centre: Dan Bederman (Queen’s)
Guard: Michael Hoy (McMaster)
Guard: Andrew Crosby (Guelph)
Offensive Tackle: Matt Sewell (McMaster)
Offensive Tackle: Mike Knill (Laurier)

Second Team Defence
Defensive Tackle: Steve Cormack (Laurier)
Defensive Tackle: Roberto Filice (McMaster)
Defensive End: Scott Caterine (McMaster)
Defensive End: Frank Pankewich (Queen’s)
Linebacker: Mitchell Bosch (Laurier)
Linebacker: Adam Dunk (Guelph)
Linebacker: Jason Kosec (Western)
Defensive Halfback: Daryl Townsend (Windsor)
Defensive Halfback: Derek Batchelor (Toronto)
Cornerback: Jamie Symianick (Western)
Cornerback: Joey Cupido (McMaster)
Safety: Jordan Duncan (Guelph)
Rush/Cover: Sam Aird (Laurier)

Second Team Special Teams
Punter: Robert Eeuwes (Windsor)
Place Kicker: Dan Village (Queen’s)
Kick Returner: Craig Butler (Western)

All-Star Selections By Team
Western Mustangs – 12 (9 First Team, 3 Second Team)
McMaster Marauders – 10 (3 First Team, 7 Second Team)
Laurier Golden Hawks – 9 (3 First Team, 6 Second Team)
Ottawa Gee-Gees – 8 (8 First Team)
Guelph Gryphons – 8 (4 First Team, 4 Second Team)
Queen’s Gaels – 6 (1 First Team, 5 Second Team)
Windsor Lancers – 2 (2 Second Team)
Toronto Varsity Blues – 1 (1 Second Team)
York Lions – 0


3 thoughts on “2010 OUA Football All-Stars

    • Coaches favourites? Not really. Your coach can only vote for you once. You have to have garnered a lot of respect from the coaches at nine other schools to be an all star. Do you really think that OUA coaches have favourites on other teams? These are the guys who watch the film, not the people reading press clippings.


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