Rumour: New Star Wars Movies In The Works?

An internet report says that the Star Wars movie bug has bitten George Lucas once again. The task of converting Episodes I through VI of the Star Wars saga is said to have inspired Lucas to work on sequels to the original Star Wars trilogy.

The website quoted an “ultra top-secret Lucasfilm insider” who said that Lucas is working on a new trilogy to add to the Star Wars saga. These are said to be coming to theatres around two years after the release of all the current Star Wars movie in 3D. The insider said that Lucasfilm folks are getting a feeling of deja vu because the restoration or tweaking of the original trilogy for the Special Editions prompted George to make the prequel trilogy. The prequels were also released starting two years after the release of the Special Edition movies.

No story particulars have been suggested. The insider said that the movies, while set in the familiar Star Wars universe, may not necessarily be focused on the Skywalker family. IESB ventured a guess that these movies might not be VII, VIII, and IX but perhaps episodes X, XI and XII. Their thought is that the planned sequel trilogy could be set 100 or even 1,000 years after the Battle of Endor. Setting the movie that far out would prevent the movies from being constrained by or contradicting the many, many books that have been released since the early 90s.

IESB’s insider also indicated that the movies wouldn’t be related to the planned Star Wars TV series which George said will come out when it is financially feasible.

After the last three movies George put out (and Indiana Jones 4), I’m a little worried about what Lucasfilm might put out with more and better film production and CGI technology at their disposal. However, the gang over at Lucasfilm Animation have produced some good episodes and stories in the new Clone Wars animated TV series. With the enough time and right folks involved in the project, there might be hope still for a new trilogy. And if memory serves, Steven Spielberg still wants to direct a Star Wars movie.

When they get their site back online, click here for IESB’s original story.

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