Entertainment Link-Off: Not As Crazy As You Think

It’s Saturday night, so it’s time for the obligatory ELO post. Kicking off this entry is Emma Roberts who is starring in the dramedy It’s Kind of a Funny Story alongside Keir Gilchrist and Hangover funnyman Zach Galifianakis.

After the jump the title for Transformers 3 revealed, a special deleted scene from Let Me In, first look at The Thing, Supernatural animated, Stan Lee is doing business with the NHL, McFly’s new video and find out how you can smell like a monster.

The new Transformers movie will be titled Transformers: The Dark of the Moon. Well the title doesn’t reveal much, but hey it sounds awfully close to a Pink Floyd song! (Collider)

Transformers star Shia LeBoeuf admitted that the second movie was a major bust but he claims the next film won’t suck. Seriously, which actor would say their upcoming movie would suck anyway? (MTV)

It appears not many of you have seen the vampire flick Let Me In. I seriously thought vamps were the rage right now! Oh right, nevermind, the vampires have to sparkle. Anyway here’s an exclusive look at a deleted scene from the movie Let Me In. (Slashfilm)

Got 3D fatigue? Good news! Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 will NOT be released in 3D. No, it’s not because WB came to their senses and decided to spare the audience of a pointless 3D run. It’s because they couldn’t do the post conversion in time. (BBC)

Those looking forward to a Justice League movie will have to wait a while longer since there are no plans to make the film at the moment. Instead the focus will be on the individual characters and films. Considering that The Avengers sorta sucked out the fun in Iron Man 2, it’s probably not a bad idea. (Comic Book Movie)

Wanna see Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in a bad ass role? Take a look at the red band trailer for his upcoming film Faster. (IGN)

Promo shots and set pictures from the prequel to The Thing (which is also titled The Thing) has finally been released. Just from all the buzz behind the scenes, this film does look quite promising. (io9) (Shock Til You Drop)

Emma Stone has been cast in the upcoming Spider-Man reboot; however she is not going to be playing the flame-headed Mary Jane… (NY Post)

John Woo and Tom Cruise may have collaborated in the past but they don’t seem to be getting along anymore. The two men are in a race to get WWII film Flying Tigers to the big screen. (Deadline)

Last week J.K. Rowling mentioned how she’s open to the idea of continuing the Harry Potter franchise. I’m not a fan of the idea since I thought the books ended on a high note. Anyway, here’s a fun list of potential plot points (with pros and cons) for future Harry Potter installments. (Total Film)

Jay Leno may have his Tonight Show on NBC, but now Conan has a blimp! Conan: 1 Jay: 0. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Canada sure loves The Big Bang Theory. I’m still wondering why I haven’t quite gotten into the show despite tuning in for a few episodes here and there. (The Toronto Star)

Hockey (which also happens to be Canada’s favourite sport) is so cool that Stan Lee is going to create superheroes to help promote it! I say hells yes! (Variety)

Do you tend to get freaked out by the live-action Supernatural series? Perhaps Supernatural: The Animation would be a better fit for you (though it’s still as bloody). The downside is that you’re probably going to have to brush up on your Japanese before tuning into the animated series. (Entertainment Weekly)

We all like those Old Spice ads and Isaiah Mustafa knocks it out of the park all the time. Well now there’s something new out there. We can all smell like a monster like… Grover from Sesame Street.


McFly is continuing to show their transformation in sound for their upcoming album Above the Noise. Here’s the brand new video for their latest single Shine A Light featuring Taio Cruz.


And let’s leave you with the promo for the final season of Friday Night Lights to wet the appetites of FNL fans out there.



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