Entertainment Link-Off: Summer Leftovers

With all the major summer films out, it’s time for the summer leftovers. Not a single of the new releases this weekend is expected to make a large blip at the box office. However one of the world’s greatest travesties just might happen if Vampires Suck out-grosses Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. So please go see Scott Pilgrim instead of that lame attempt at a Twilight spoof! In fact, it pains me to say it, but go see the actual Twilight film instead of that piece of crap. Anyway, kicking off this Entertainment Link-Off is Jessica Szohr. She’ll be appearing in the gory fish thriller Piranha 3D this weekend. Unfortunately, the movie doesn’t look like it’ll be making that big of a splash.

After the jump, a farewell to At the Movies, a few attempts to convince you to go see Scott Pilgrim, McFly’s new music video, Oscars for Piranha 3D and Joseph Gordon-Levitt feels like a natural woman.

After 35 years, At the Movies is saying farewell to the wonderful world of television. While I am too young to have witnessed all the amazing movie discussion moments between Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert, I did start following the show in the late 90s. Over at RT, there is a short but nice tribute to the show that catapulted the popularity of film critiquing. (Rotten Tomatoes) And on a sidenote, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is officially the last movie to receive two thumbs up from At the Movies.

After viewing Scott Pilgrim vs. the World twice already, I can’t help but marvel at the wonderful editing and sound in the movie. If you have seen the film, this behind-the-scenes featurette on the sound of the movie should generate some interest. (Soundworks Collection)

With few notable new releases this weekend, perhaps it’s a good idea to go watch Scott Pilgrim vs. the World! Here are five reasons why you should go see this wonderful action comedy coming-of-age film. (LA Times)

In another attempt to drum up interest for Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, here is an open letter to all Twilight fans out there to show some love and support this wonderful movie! (HitFix) Heck, I’ll throw in my personal guarantee to go watch all the Twilight films if enough Twihards goes to see Scott Pilgrim.

As Scott Pilgrim is considered a box office dud, many critics are going up-in-arms believing that this movie should have done better. Should critics keep their personal views separate from the box office numbers that are pouring in? This is an interesting article that discusses what should be the boundaries of a critic and what differentiates them from movie bloggers. (Screenrant)

Who said guys out there can’t like Eat Pray Love? Lewis Black loved it… well he loved the book but he absolutely hated the movie. In fact, he hated the shameless plugs that the movie got from The Shopping Network as well. (The Daily Show)

I liked The Expendables, but I didn’t love it. There were so many areas of the film that I would love to pick apart including the writing, the portrayal of certain characters and that Sesame Street-like ending. Speaking of things that should appeal to kids, apparently kids dig The Expendables. Not convinced? Here’s an 8 year old explaining how awesome The Expendables really is. (College Humor)

Body count time! Two interesting posters. One is from the sci-fi alien invasion film Skyline while the other features the amount of kills each actor from The Expendables have done in their previous film roles. (Collider)

Speaking of films with high body counts, let’s look at Piranha 3D! It must be the booze talkin’ because apparently Piranha 3D has certain things that might make it worth checking out despite the fact that it’s heavily promoting itself as a ridiculous schlockfest. (JoBlo)

Lake Havasu wants to emphasize that it is piranha free. Yeah, the movie just might do some damaging to the tourism business instead of putting them on the map. (LA Times)

One of the film stars in the underwater chompfest is Paul Scheers and here he shares ten rules when watching Piranha 3D in theatres. (Slashfilm)

Disappointed with Piranha 3D? Fear not, Adam Scott, who plays one of the lead characters in the film is making a house call guarantee to ensure your satisfaction with the movie. (Movieline)

Jessica Szohr’s Gossip Girl co-star Blake Lively recently did an interesting interview that was conducted by Ben Affleck. (Interview Magazine)

While the cast of X-Men: The First Class is ever expanding with names like January Jones and Rose Byrne being attached to the film, it would be appropriate to take a look at what kind of story we should be expecting to see. Bryan Singer reveals a few tidbits on the upcoming superhero flick. (AICN)

Love knows no boundaries. This is clearly on display as the editor/writer of StarWars.com married R2-D2. (Slashfilm)

Garrett Hedlund is on his way to super stardom as he was cast in Tron Legacy and was very close to landing the role of Captain America. However, he decided not to go for the role as the famous superhero and it just might be the better career move. (Fade In)

It appears the folks behind Facebook aren’t too happy with the Facebook movie. (NY Times)

McFly is back with a new sound and a new look. In celebration of the release of their new single, they will be releasing a short film on their website. Sadly, they also got sucked into the vampire craze, but it just make them just as famous as Michael Jackson… at least that’s what they’re aiming for. (AOL)

In the meantime, the four piece band from the UK just premiered the music video for their first single from the upcoming album called Party Girl. Take a look here.


In an effort to drum up additional support for Piranha 3D, the cast has made a video to campaign for the film to win some movie hardware. Given the good Tomatometer so far, let them win something! Adam Scott even makes a neat little argument “Look, now you nominate ten movies for Best Picture. What, are you going to nominate Inception ten times?”

Speaking of Inception, it’s parody time! Here’s the trailer for Inebriation. People don’t go to sleep and dream in this movie, they just get pissed-ass drunk.


Now we know Inception star Joseph Gordon-Levitt got some vocal chops. In fact, it was on display in the film 500 Days of Summer. At the recent HitRECord.org Summer in the City show, he decided to perform a certain song that doesn’t quite ‘belong to him’.


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