Soccer Night In South Africa: And Then There Were Two

Three teams remain in the 2010 World Cup. The Netherlands are already through to the final. The other two teams battled in the second semi-final today. Spain came in as a popular favourite following a breakthrough triumph at Euro 2008 following years of underachieving. Germany is one of the winningest counties in soccer history and has established itself as the best team in this tournament. But only one team can have a shot at glory.

Spain 1 vs. Germany 0 – Paul the psychic octopus was right again. He selected Spain to win the match and retained his perfect record for the tournament. The game was controlled early on by La Furia Roja. The Spaniards took the advantage in the possession column as was expected with Germany relying on the counter-attack. However, those opportunities never seemed to materialize for the Germans as the Spanish looked very dangerous on the attack and closed tight on defense. For all the creativity that La Roja are known for, their winning goal was fairly bog standard. A Xavi corner kick was headed home from 10 yards out by Carles Puyol in the 73rd minute.

Spain’s win means they will face the Netherlands in the final. Neither team have won a World Cup before, though the Netherlands have been to the final twice previously. Sunday’s winner will not only win their first World Cup but the first World Cup for Europe outside European soil. Germany will play a day earlier against Uruguay for third place.

Man of the Match: Carles Puyol (Spain) – 1 goal

Saturday’s Schedule:
Third Place Match: Uruguay vs. Germany

Sunday’s Schedule:
Final: Netherlands vs. Spain

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