Best of The Lowdown BlogCast: July 6, 2010

The guys took a week off from podcasting for Canada Day. This week, they replace themselves with this edition of the best of the third season of The Lowdown. On this episode, the boys head off to the UWO campus rec to get themselves in shape for summer. Jackie sets up The Lowdown’s FaceBook page and even preps one for Steve. Jackie takes Steve and our listeners for a tour of London from campus to downtown to the 401 and even EOA (East of Adelaide). Filling in the gaps, we have the Lady Gaga / Christopher Walken / Eric Cartman mashup of Poker Face. The boys also play a little sports play featuring Mats Sundin, Jeff Garcia, and Barack Obama. The show is capped off with Steve’s sing-along to end highway profanity. It’s six classic segments and 35 minutes of the best Lowdown fun and insanity.

Click here to download The Lowdown BlogCast.
Click here to download the podcast quality version.


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