Wednesday Link-Off: Fight the Good Fight

lily-aldridge-victoriassecret13-05It’s Wednesday which means it’s time for links. It also means that we’re seven days from unveiling our SI Swimsuit Issue cover odds list. Maybe I should get started on that… Okay, while I do that, here are the links and here is the return of Lily Aldridge.

As he heads into his second four-year term as President of the United States, TNR interviews Barack Obama about his plans for the next four years. (New Republic)

In that TNR interview, the POTUS says that the Republicans won’t change their obstructionist ways until they are made to pay the price for being obstructionist. You know, he’s right. (Washington Post)

Now that he’s lost the fight against ObamaCare, Papa John wants to pretend that he never fought the fight against ObamaCare by getting any ObamaCare related comments he made scrubbed from the internet. (National Confidential)

After the jump, the history of Deadspin, a profile on one of BioWare’s exiled bosses and an epic trombone quartet.

Florida senator Marco Rubio appeared on Rush Limbaugh’s show on Tuesday to defend immigration reform that he backs. Rush was against it on Monday but what willing to listen to reason when someone opposed his point of view. Funny how that works. (Huffington Post)

After a couple recent shitstorms over sponsored posts on popular websites, here are som suggested guidelines to running sponsored content. (Romenesko)

Where will Justin Bieber’s career take him? Charlie Brooker suggests that it will be either Justin Timberlake awesome or hilariously and embarrassingly bad. (The Guardian)

How big has Deadspin now? They now have their own oral history. (AdWeek)

Are Boston sports writers the worst? Yes but they probably aren’t much different from the rest of the world of local sports writing. (Boston Magazine)

Who’s the best performer in WWE right now? That would be Paul Heyman. The man revolutionized modern wrestling in ECW and might be re-revolutionizing modern wrestling managers. (SB Nation)

A group of ten friends have been playing a cross-country game of tag for the last 23 years. That’s just pretty damn epic. (Wall Street Journal)

Just to show that they have a fuck ton more money than the rest of the world, Dubai may be getting an underwater hotel. They’re getting close to Bond supervillain level of extravagance. (The Independent)

Former BioWare boss Greg Zeschuk talks about his time at the company he started, why he left the company and what he’s up to now. (Polygon)

Have you googled Pokemon X? It’s not a very good idea to try that at work. (Kotaku)

Russia’s basketball assist of the year goes to this coach who was an integral part of the cycle on the perimeter.

I didn’t know that trombone quartets existed but after hearing the Maniacal 4 Trombone Quartet play some Kansas, I wish there were more.

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