Lowdown Radio Classic: June 9, 2009

This edition of the classic radio show episode is a look back at the second season finale. It seemed sort of fitting after last week’s music clip driven lead segment. This episode starts with the news that the CRTC are investigating the show after Steve repeatedly used the term “Stable of Hoes” to describe the listeners. They, quickly shift gears into Jackie’s big feature segment: The Soundtrack of Your Life. That’s not to be confused with the band Soundtrack of Our Lives who weren’t featured in this segment. The news and entertainment followed this and includes the song that gave Steve the idea for The Worst of Music. After the break, it’s the final appearance for the season of the What Were They Thinking board. The show wraps up with some big news from the producer who was at the CRTC meeting in Calgary about the show. The second season finale is a great example of why that season is among the greatest that any college radio show has produced.

Click here to download the 10 MB podcast version.
Click here to download the 26 MB high-quality version.

While this was a pretty good episode, there was a lot of good material that got cut from this episode. As always, we had to cut down to 28 minutes to fit into the time slot. We’re digging up the original audio and plan on repackaging the episode as a special retro Lowdown Extra.


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