Wednesday Link-Off: Going For Gold

Making her Lowdown Blog debut, it’s Scarlett Johansson. Has she actually done anything noteworthy since starring with cuz (Bill) in Lost in Translation?

What happens in the Olympic Village stays in the Olympic Village. At least, for the first million condoms. (Today Show) I’ve got to get back into curling. It’s the least athletic Olympic sport and the only one I could qualify in.

Your Olympic experiment of the day: How much more interesting is skeleton after drinking six beers? This is my sort of science. (MacLean’s)

This past Monday was the 30th anniversary of the Miracle on Ice. In honour of that, here’s 10 facts you might not have known about the game and team. (Joe Posnanski)

After the jump, more Tiger insanity, some baseball links, and NBC gets something right.

Tiger just can’t win. He basically apologized to the world but his mistresses are complaining he didn’t apologize to them for dragging them into this. (NY Post) Two things: 1) A good number of them are trying to cash in on being exposed as a mistress so they get no sympathy for being “dragged into this” and 2) They could have said no too.

How easy of a target is Tiger? Even American Olympic hero Lindsey Vonn is taking shots at him. (Time)

Major League Baseball has posted a sign in all locker rooms that firearms and other weapons aren’t allowed in. Despite it being a common sense rule, not everyone is happy about it. (Fanhouse)

While Spring Training kicking off is the story most folks are talking about, that’s not the real story heading into the baseball season. The West Michigan Whitecaps, famous for their four-pound Fifth-Third Burger, are asking for help to determine their next culinary treat. (It’s Always Sunny In Detroit) Let’s go poutine! Go Canada go!

Not everyone is happy with all the Brett Favre-iness that we’ve seen this year. Okay, not many people are but one of the best sports writers of the days also doesn’t like him. And Buzz Bissinger wrote Friday Night Lights so he had some credentials when it comes to talking football. (The New Republic)

Remember US figure skater Brian Boitano? He won gold in Calgary and was immortalized in a South Park song. Well, he’s back with a cooking show called What Would Brian Boitano Do Make? (Food Network)

Never say anything that could in anyway upset an technology-savvy professor. He will embarrass/wreck you in ways you could never imagine. (Deadspin)

If I win Friday’s $50 Million Lotto Max jackpot, the first thing I’m doing is buying this tuned BMW X6. It’s not because I need it, it’s because I can. (Top Gear)

Technically, I’m encroaching on the territory of the soon-to-be-returning Jackie with this link but I’m still in charge of ELO-able links until he does his first one. For example, I can post this link about the Top 30 Oscar winners that all guys should watch. (Bro Bible)

For all the crap that NBC has gotten over their Olympic coverage, they have done somethings right. Take this primer on Canada for the Americans put together by Tom Brokaw.

The craziest/coolest NASCAR moment of the season so far. And probably will be until Danica decides to do an SI Swimsuit shoot at the track.

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