Lowdown Radio Classic: November 28, 2006

This classic radio show was an episode of the Lowdown in all but name. It’s the first ever time that Steve and Jackie appeared on the same show. This radio show was part of the short-lived Utility Men podcast series that Steve was a co-host of. The show starts with an explanation of the technical difficulties that force Steve to go it alone. During the show, Steve talks about some of the big stories in the world of hockey. Then he recaps the previous week’s NFL action and tells a lot of bad jokes during his recap. There’s even an extremely rare look at the problems with NCAA football. He even manages to squeeze in some quick J.P. Riccardi bashing which was just as much in 2006 as it was in 2009. The show caps off with the first ever CHRW appearance of The Lowdown’s own Mr. Jackie Ho to talk about more hockey. At the time it was recorded, it was the longest podcast in CHRW history. Since then, The Lowdown Extra has passed this podcast five times but Steve and Jackie paved the way for The Extra with this podcast.

Click here to download this Lowdown Classic.


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