Sunday Link-Off: It Came From YouTube

Here’s Amanda Bynes. And the world is a better place for this.

Our buddies over at The Lion’s Den University have done it again. It’s the whole Bro Code in one easy to handle post. (Lion’s Den U)

How often do you see a sporting event in a movie and thing it would be great to watch in person? Well, here’s 10 that we know you want to see live. (FunnyCrave) Personally, I would have included the Junior Goodwill Games Hockey final from D2: The Mighty Ducks. Quack!

FREAK OUT! The best celebrity freak outs that the interweb has to offer. (Urlesque)

After the jump, more embedded YouTube fun, how not to pull of a Gatorade shower, and you play to win the game.

Mike Tyson and Snoop Dogg in the same place at the same time in a smoke-filled room? Does this video need any more explanation or promotion? (You Been Blinded)

I wonder if this means that we’ll soon see tackling and the forward pass in curling. (Yahoo Sports) Would it be called the Wild Rock when a sweeper throws the rock instead of the guy that was supposed to?

Chad Ochocinco (ne Johnson, soon to be Hachi Go): The No Fun League’s exception that proves the rule. (New York Times)

Say what you will about Ochocinco’s actions, they aren’t nearly as bush league as Josh Cribbs’ agent calling out bloggers via email. (Cleveland Frowns)

The Gatorade shower is a time honoured tradition in college sports. Unfortunately, when you’re in a recovering program whose arch-nemesis is the Florida Gators, your showing skills tend to be lacking. (Buster Sports)

Gatorade also sponsors Tiger Woods. I know, it seems all of my linkdumps have something Tiger-related. It turns out that the porn industry has a quick turn around on news. (Wei Under Par)

Liverpool FC (and Dallas Stars) owner Tom Hicks loves his team’s fans. (Click Liverpool)

Good news and bad news for you. The bad news is that no one has disproven any theories about cell phones causing cancer or hearing loss. The good news is that they prevent Alzheimer’s and dementia… In rats. (CBC)

Today’s first photo gallery is a look at one of my favourite conventions of the year (behind the Detroit Auto Show and E3), the Consumer Electronics Show. (Daily Telegraph)

Today’s second photo gallery brings us back to the U with some more of the craziest things that Google suggests while you search. (Lion’s Den U) Hang on… That last one is my line! Gimmick infringement!

By the way, any UWO or London bands or singers want to be a part of The Lowdown of the Pops Music Special? Drop us a line at

It’s not often that a top tennis star is upstaged at a public appearance. It’s even less often that we get to see live koala mating rituals.

Before you watch today’s NFL Wild Card playoff, you should remember that you play to win the game.

And since this post is called It Came From YouTube, let’s put up my favourite ICFYT song of all time.

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