Sunday Link-Off: It Came From YouTube

Here’s Amanda Bynes. And the world is a better place for this.

Our buddies over at The Lion’s Den University have done it again. It’s the whole Bro Code in one easy to handle post. (Lion’s Den U)

How often do you see a sporting event in a movie and thing it would be great to watch in person? Well, here’s 10 that we know you want to see live. (FunnyCrave) Personally, I would have included the Junior Goodwill Games Hockey final from D2: The Mighty Ducks. Quack!

FREAK OUT! The best celebrity freak outs that the interweb has to offer. (Urlesque)

After the jump, more embedded YouTube fun, how not to pull of a Gatorade shower, and you play to win the game. Continue reading