Entertainment Link-Off: Out of Body Experience

I was going to kick off the Entertainment Link-Off with Zoe Saldana in celebration of the release of Avatar. However, Jessica Stroup’s photoshoot with Complex snagged my attention sometime midweek and I changed my mind. After seeing this, I sort of regret not tuning into 90210 this season. Well since there isn’t anything on during the winter break… might as well catch up I suppose.

After the jump Snoop Dogg cooks brownies with Martha Stewart, some Avatar stuff, a really lengthy review of The Phantom Menace, Jack Bauer interrogates Santa and Tron Tennis!

Here’s something that will definitely light up the televizzle! Snoop Dogg drops by Martha Stewart’s show to help her with some holiday baking. Too bad the brownies weren’t green enough for his liking. (Zap2it)

James Cameron gives out his thoughts about McG’s Terminator Salvation. Yeah I think Cameron shouldn’t have sold the rights to Terminator for $1 back in the day. (Slashfilm)

Over at RT, they take a look at James Cameron’s filmmaking career. Aside from Piranha 2, everything looks damn good! (Rotten Tomatoes)

Most people are simply amazed at the CGI work of Avatar. Well would it surprise you if I told you that Industrial Light and Magic made some contributions to the film?  (CNET)

They’re seeing blue at the box office. Avatar will easily top this weekend’s box office but it will miss the record opening weekend by a mile. I suppose the lengthy run time did hurt its chances. (Nikki Finke) On the bright side, Steven Spielberg really digs the movie!

Chances are you saw Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace and didn’t like the film. Most of you have written about how it sucked or at least had a friendly conversation with fellow filmgoers about how it could have been better. Well a man from Milwaukee outdid us all. He made a 70 minute video review of the film. If Lost producer Damon Lindelof recommends it, you know it’ll be mindblowing. (Slashfilm)

Shaun of the Dead reunion photoshoot. It’s pure awesomeness. (Total Film)

In other Simon Pegg related news, it appears he has just lost the title of being the best Charlie Brown look-a-like. (Entertainment Weekly)

Morpheus is going to take on some Predators! (Collider)

Morgan Freeman has had a fair share of amazing roles in films. He has played a prison inmate, a high school principal, Nelson Mandela and much more. In fact the man has even tackled God! Take a look at Morgan Freeman’s Chain of Command. (Maxim)

Samuel L. Jackson pwns all at the box office!!! Or not… (Entertainment Weekly)

6 annoying things that Hollywood needs to stop doing. (Mania)

Metacritic has compiled a list of the best movies of the decade. (Metacritic)

The possible new title for Kevin Smith’s A Couple of Dicks is a nice potshot at Warner Brothers. (The Film Stage) Too bad those who didn’t follow the naming issue saga won’t get the joke.

Kick-Ass already has a name for a sequel. Let’s hope the movie studio won’t be a total ‘cop out’ and change the title of the film adaptation. (Comic Book Resources)

There is a new Tron Legacy banner that has just hit the net and it looks amazing! (Collider) For a higher resolution of the picture, click here.

It’s battle of the 90210 babes at the photoshoots this week. Who would you go for? Annalynne McCord’s spread at Cosmopolitan or Jessica Stroup at Complex? (The Hollywood Gossip) Judging from the focus of this ELO, I think you know who I would vote for.

In other 90210 news, TV Guide speaks to Jessica about what will happen when the show returns from the break. (TV Guide)

After Seth MacFarlane is done poking fun at the Star Wars series, he’ll move onto other things like Back to the Future or Star Trek. Of course, if he wants to avoid all the legal hurdles, he could move onto another project associated with George Lucas like… Indiana Jones! That would be awesome. (LA Times)

House was supposed to return on January 23rd, but FOX decided to stick it to NBC by moving it up two weeks to face off against Chuck. They’re trying to get our favourite Nerd Herder canned! To those that watch both House and Chuck: let’s all tune into Chuck for that week and tell FOX to fuck off. (Broadcasting and Cable) Later in the week it was also revealed that FOX is moving Fringe to face off against Heroes that night too. Clearly they’re messing with NBC, but since I don’t care about Heroes, they can do whatever they want during the 9 pm timeslot.

College Humor presents a mash-up between Dangerous Minds and the Harry Potter series. The result? Dangerous Wands. (College Humor) With the tagline “It’s the Mudbloods vs. the Mud… Crips.” You know it’s gonna be good.

This has been a good week for movie trailers. Things are really looking up for 2010.
Iron Man (Apple)
Clash of the Titans (Apple)
Hot Tub Time Machine (Yahoo)

Santa likes to travel across the world to deliver presents to the little wee kids out there. However it looks like you won’t be getting any gifts under the tree this year since he just got arrested by Jack Bauer. Apparently he thinks Santa is a terrorist.

Sony Ericsson has put together a glow-in-the-dark Tennis event which was inspired by Disney’s Tron. Everything glows from the wardrobe to the court and its futuristic scoreboards. Even the balls leave streaks of light! Tron Tennis? Yes please!

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