Lowdown Radio Preview: October 13, 2009

The third episode of The Lowdown’s 2009-2010 season is on air on Tuesday night. We’re putting up the preview early so that we don’t spring this on you while you’re half asleep from Monday’s turkey dinner. It’s even a sort of special show because it’s our 40th episode. The show starts with Steve and Jackie talking about Queen’s Fauxcoming and Western’s standing as a party school. In the news, the guys discuss dumb American rules/laws. In entertainment, Britney Spears makes her Lowdown debut on the worst in music and the guys review Zombieland. When the gears shift to sports, Jackie previews the rebuilt Toronto Raptors before joining Steve to answer questions as athletes in some sports Role Play. And we have the return of Barack to show for that.

The show goes live at around 6:30 PM Eastern. If you’re in the London, ON, listening area, you can listen live on 94.9 FM. You can also listen online at CHRWradio.com/listen.


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