Mercedes S-Class: The Future Today

The Mercedes S-Class is the top of the line car in the whole world.  The gadgets that you find on the S-Class are here long before they make it any other car on the market.  It’s a showcase of what can be done and what everyone else will be doing soon.  If you want to know what options you can have on your car in five or ten years time, you check out what Mercedes-Benz is offering on the S-Class.  This was the first car to have anti-lock brakes, passenger-side airbags, seatbelt pretensioners, traction control, radar-assisted braking, and infrared night vision.  Of course, this year’s new technologies are pretty cool too.

First, the S-Class isn’t likely to be a slouch off the line.  They have five gas-fuelled and one diesel-fuelled engines available with your choice of V6, V8 or V12.  If you want to be green, the BlueEfficiency diesel is the way to go with a 37.2 MPG average.  If you want your luxury cruiser to annihilate that punk-ass street racer next to you at the lights, the bi-turbo V12 has 512 BHP and can do 0-to-62 MPH in 4.6 seconds.  Each engine comes with a 7-speed automatic transmission.

There’s also tonnes of really cool gadgets on the new S-Class.  There is “Attention Assist” which is a driver drowsiness detection system.  “Pre-Safe Braking” primes the brakes if the car senses an impending accident and will even brake for you if necessary.  There is also an automatic crosswind stabilization assist so a speeding transport can’t push you off the road.

The really fun new feature of the S-Class is “Splitview” technology.  This allows the screen in the dashboard to show two different things at the same time but lets the driver and passenger see their own thing on the whole screen.  I don’t really know how it works but it has something to do with adjacent pixels and a filter that allows the passenger to see one thing while the driver sees something completely different.  Clearly I’m failing miserably at describing this so maybe you would rather see an illustration of it in action.


Clearly the new S-Class is the coolest car on the market.  Okay, it’s not exactly car wall cool.  For techno-nerds like me though, this is pretty cool.

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