Wednesday Link-Off: Breaking Book

anais-pouliot-victoriassecret14-21It’s a slightly shorter edition of the Wednesday links today but that doesn’t mean that this a bad set of links. In fact, I think there are a couple of worthwhile reads in here.

But before we get to the links, let’s start with Anais Pouliot.

Newsweek is owned by the International Business Times but do you know who is behind IBT? The answer may worry you. (Mother Jones)

You may not believe it but there are some good guys on Wall Street. The folks behind IEX wanted to make a better platform for traders that didn’t allow for predatory activity. (New York Times)

These guys got a Michael Lewis book deal and a 60 Minutes feature for their efforts too. (New York Magazine)

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Sunday Link-Off: Click

cobie-smulders-esquire14-02Wham! Bam! Body slam! Okay, this week’s set of Sunday links isn’t just about wrestling but there are a lot of WrestleMania stories after the jump. Before it, we have stories about writing. There’s something for everyone in the links. You just have to find it.

First, since the How I Met Your Mother finale is tomorrow, let’s kick things off with Cobie Smulders. Is Joss Whedon still hiring for Agents of Shield?

Flordia isn’t getting rid of their Stand Your Ground loophole any time soon. In fact, they’re planning to strengthen it. (The Guardian)

The term “clickbait” carries a very negative connotation but some writers use baity headlines to get people to read articles that they actually should read rather than just trolling for ad views. (The Concourse)

Speaking of clickbaity headlines, Deadspin had an article about the Washington Redskins launching a charity to get them some good PR over their name. Stephen Colbert made a satirical joke and moronic activists didn’t get it which allowed Daniel Snyder to got off scot-free. (Deadspin)

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Wednesday Link-Off: Game On

It’s Wednesday which means it’s time for more links. I was almost too busy gaming to get this one done. Between Steam and the ME3 Omega DLC, my mouse and keyboard are getting a workout. So many games, so little time. Damn you, Steam. Damn you to hell. Anyway, even though she has nothing to do with video games here’s Canadian model and former pro wrestler Maryse Ouellet.

The possibility of higher tax rates doesn’t scare Warren Buffet, who is one of America’s richest men. He welcomes higher tax rates on the rich. (New York Times)

You might think that your password that contains capital letters, small letters, symbols and numbers will protect you from the evil of the internet. However, you’d be wrong. Your password may not save you. (Wired)

Ever want to be a writer? There’s never been a better time than the present. (Esquire)

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The Humanoids: Occupy This

It’s been about seven weeks since I last put together a Humanoids column. This week, though, between the Occupy movement and leaking complaints about Google’s strategy, there have been some interesting doings a-transpiring over the last week or so. That’s why I’m occupying The Humanoids column this week in order to get better answers to the burning questions. Specifically: What the hell is Occupy all about? Continue reading