Sunday Link-Off: Click

cobie-smulders-esquire14-02Wham! Bam! Body slam! Okay, this week’s set of Sunday links isn’t just about wrestling but there are a lot of WrestleMania stories after the jump. Before it, we have stories about writing. There’s something for everyone in the links. You just have to find it.

First, since the How I Met Your Mother finale is tomorrow, let’s kick things off with Cobie Smulders. Is Joss Whedon still hiring for Agents of Shield?

Flordia isn’t getting rid of their Stand Your Ground loophole any time soon. In fact, they’re planning to strengthen it. (The Guardian)

The term “clickbait” carries a very negative connotation but some writers use baity headlines to get people to read articles that they actually should read rather than just trolling for ad views. (The Concourse)

Speaking of clickbaity headlines, Deadspin had an article about the Washington Redskins launching a charity to get them some good PR over their name. Stephen Colbert made a satirical joke and moronic activists didn’t get it which allowed Daniel Snyder to got off scot-free. (Deadspin)

Jim Ross takes a look back at the history of WrestleMania starting with the first nine events. (Fox Sports)

For a dirtsheet view of WrestleMania, here are some behind the scenes stories from big matches in WrestleMania history. (Camel Clutch Blog)

Speaking of the WWE, Vince McMahon talks about the industry and the mistakes he’s made. (Forbes)

Could Heisman Trophy winning quarterback Jameis Winston be destined for the diamond rather than the gridiron when he reaches the pros? If he follows the money, he’ll be a boy of summer. (The Big Lead)

Bob Kraft might be one of the NFL’s best owners but he’s also Major League Soccer’s worst owner. (Boston Magazine)

Just when you thought that Fox couldn’t get any more embarrassing, they launch a reality show in which they dupe fools into thinking they’re competing on a Bachelor-style show starring Prince Harry. (EW)

Gwyneth Paltrow is having a moan about how hard being a film actress is. If only life was as easy as working 60+ hour weeks (when you factor in commutes, getting ready for work and desk lunches) to scrape together a livable wage when you can work one or two months a year and make more money than desk jockeys will see in a lifetime. (New York Post)

Taco Bell’s president had a great answer to the question of when Canada would get Taco Bell breakfast. (Huffington Post)

Believe it or not, there are life lessons to be had from watching James Bond movies. (Primer)

Even professional gamers make rookie mistakes that cost them an easy win.

Goat Simulator is out this week. Is your body ready?


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