Wednesday Link-Off: Game On

It’s Wednesday which means it’s time for more links. I was almost too busy gaming to get this one done. Between Steam and the ME3 Omega DLC, my mouse and keyboard are getting a workout. So many games, so little time. Damn you, Steam. Damn you to hell. Anyway, even though she has nothing to do with video games here’s Canadian model and former pro wrestler Maryse Ouellet.

The possibility of higher tax rates doesn’t scare Warren Buffet, who is one of America’s richest men. He welcomes higher tax rates on the rich. (New York Times)

You might think that your password that contains capital letters, small letters, symbols and numbers will protect you from the evil of the internet. However, you’d be wrong. Your password may not save you. (Wired)

Ever want to be a writer? There’s never been a better time than the present. (Esquire)

After the jump, the Onion strikes again, a detailed look at the Wii U and winter videos.

People accused the Washington Post of being biased against Israel. The Ombudsman says this is far from the case. (Washington Post)

The Chinese Communist Party’s official newspaper fell for an Onion story. They actually thought that Kim Jong-un was named sexiest man alive. (BBC News)

What do media experts think about ESPN’s plagiarism problem? Naturally, very poorly of ESPN. (Deadspin)

Probably Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Football’s grandfather was a cockfighting world champion. You can’t make that stuff up. (The Big Lead)

The idea of secret agents working for your national intelligence service is to keep it secret. The UK government didn’t do a good job of it. (The Verge)

The story was updated since I first read it but I choose to ignore the damage control coming from Guy Fieri’s publicist. Guy was the loudest person camping at the notoriously loud Hollister Hills State Park. (Gawker)

Nintendo’s half-console, half-tablet Wii U is their attempt to combat a changing gaming world. Will it work? (New York Times)

The original Wii isn’t entirely dead. Nintendo is coming out with a budget Wii Mini in less than two weeks. (Forbes Games)

I’m not a very good Mass Effect 3 multiplayer player. I need to use one of the more overpowered classes to solo MP games and even then with great difficulty. That means I’m immediately put to shame by a quadriplegic man who is able to solo on Silver difficulty with a character that I can’t solo with. (Kotaku)

Just for fun, here’s the names of 27 everyday things that you didn’t know had actual names. (BuzzFeed)

Since it’s snowing at Lowdown HQ, how about some winter videos. First, it’s Gangnam Style done with Christmas lights.

And here’s a video of people slipping, sliding and falling on ice.

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