Soccer Night In South Africa: On The Attack

The third day of action in the Round of 16 at the 2010 World Cup is in the books. In a fortunate turn of events for viewers, all four teams in action were on the attack. There was seldom a dull moment in either of the days matches. Sure, one match today was a blowout but the team down on the scoresheet didn’t stop coming forward. That was just the mentality of the day. Continue reading


Soccer Night In South Africa: Sweet Sixteen

The group stages of the 2010 World Cup ended today with the final games in Groups G and H. Brazil already clinched a spot in the final 16 and Portugal was a near certainty but the Ivory Coast was lurking in the distance. Meanwhile, three teams could advance from Group H depending on the outcome of the day’s action. Continue reading

Soccer Night In South Africa: Shutout and Shutdown

Matchday 11 at the 2010 World Cup had a few games that were destined to turn into mismatches. Only one of those turned into a mismatch on the scoreboard as North Korea courageously held Portugal to under eight goals. Meanwhile, Spain looked to rebound from their shocking defeat at the hands of the Swiss. Continue reading

Soccer Night In South Africa: Upset Special

With Group H seeing action for the first time today, all 32 teams have now taken the pitch at the 2010 World Cup. There were some dominant performances today. Shockingly, one of those performances didn’t translate to a win and we saw the first major upset of the tournament. Continue reading