Entertainment Link-Off: The Legacy Continues

Bad news folks. I’ve drawn in for Jackie to cover the entertainment and pop culture beat this week. He couldn’t have picked a better week to be off. The new Farrell vs. Galifianakis election spoof The Campaign opens this weekend. Tommy Lee Jones, Meryl Streep and Steve Carrell star in Hope Springs which looks like this weekend’s date movie for couples who have fallen into a rut. The big move of the weekend is The Bourne Legacy. Presumably the legacy is carrying on a movie franchise after everyone thought it was done and the lead moved on leaving Hawkeye playing the lead in Matt Damon’s place. On the plus side, The Bourne Legacy does also star Rachel Weisz.

Hit the jump for a review of The Bourne Legacy, other summer blockbuster news, the latest hilarious celebrity gossip (though isn’t all celebrity gossip kinda funny) and Fallon as Morrison does Reading Rainbow. Continue reading