30 NHL Tattoos for 30 NHL Teams

Summer has come and passed. Now it’s time to lace them up for another season of NHL hockey. We’ve already had a couple of special NHL features to kick off the season but we have one more before the puck drops in Helsinki on the 2010-11 season. Hockey fans are a special breed when it comes to showing their dedication. It takes a special breed of fan to permanently brand themselves with a tattoo dedicated to their favourite team. So here are the best tattoos for each teams. Continue reading

Wednesday Link-Off: Back To The Future

megan-fox-transformers2-tokyoAnother week, another linkdump. This is Megan Fox who has a movie coming out next week. If memory serves, it’s called Michael Bay’s Big Explosions and Megan Fox In Revealing Outfits 2. After the jump, I was going to show Artie Lange on Joe Buck Live. Instead, we’ll have to settle for more Megan Fox.

A Ferrari Formula One concept for the upcoming Hoth Grand Prix. No word on if can outrun a Tauntaun or fen off a Wampa. (Jalopnik)

The Stanley Cup Finals had the most viewers on US network television on Friday night with 7.5 million viewers. That’s especially noteworthy because at midnight before the game, US TV stations made the big switch to digital signals. (New York Times)

Speaking of the Finals, between Bettman and NBC setting up the Red Wings for failure, people forgot how banged up Detroit was. The fact that Lidstrom could even play in the Finals with his injury should show how much of a pansy Crosby was for not playing Game 7. (Detroit Free Press)

An anti-competition in the ruling in Europe means that Microsoft can’t force IE on users buying Windows 7. They will make it “easy to install” for users and manufacturers. That way, you can download Chrome or Firefox. (BBC)

Joe Posnanski wrote one of the great infomercial analyses of all time. He recently took a look at the Comfort Wipe. God help America. (Joe Posnanski)

If your crazy enough to get a tattoo, here’s a helpful graphic to tell what your tattoo says about you. (Tasty Booze)

UPDATE: There was a bit of controversy over that last link. Cracked also had a tattoo guide, some folks thought that the two images were similar and the shit hit the fan. Here’s that link. (Cracked)

Only in Canada: A murder escapes a prison by walking off the property. (Toronto Star)

Susan Boyle may not have won Britain’s Got Talent but don’t tell her agent that. He’s set her appearance fees so high that he can retire on his cut by the end of the year. (Daily Telegraph)

Parking in Toledo is a fineable offence. Well, only if you park in your own driveway. (Globe & Mail)

Yankees aren’t the only things that live in the Bronx. You can find snakes too if you just close your eyes. (New York Post)

Ukraine is at risk of losing most of its games in Euro 2012. That’s what happens when communists get in the way of major construction project. (BBC) Continue reading